iPhone 4S Showdown: Smart vs Globe Ep. 4 (Manila, Timog)

by Carlo Ople  December 18, 2011

Our speed tests resume! Woot!

iPhone 4S Speed Tests hit Manila, Timog, and Q. Ave!

We did one more round of speed tests during this weekend. Based on the initial feedback we didn’t edit the part in between the actual test and the shot of the place where we’re doing the test. We also included other people in the video as well. For this series of tests we did Tomas Morato/Timog Rotonda, Quezon Avenue, some street in Paco, Manila (we got lost), and the intersection of UN Avenue and Taft.

Test Parameters

We used two postpaid lines (Globe and Smart). These are unlocked iPhone 4S units secured independently by Unbox. Note that this test cannot be 100% conclusive since there are tons of factors that can affect mobile data speed like congestion and weather. Just take this for what it is: a barrage of speed tests that can hopefully help you make an informed decision on which telco you’ll pick. This is important since you’re signing up for a 2-year deal for this phone.

Here are our test parameters:

  • Speedtest iOS app is our main measurement tool.
  • DL speed has more priority than UL speed. However if DL speeds are too close to call we will look at the UL speeds as well and Ping.
  • Server is set to Hong Kong to make sure of telco neutrality in the results.

Here’s the video with the results:

Here’s a summary in table form:

Smart takes the lead on this batch of tests

We’ll try to do more speed tests this week. We got a lot of requests to do areas with schools and malls in Makati (Glorieta and Greenbelt). We’ll do our best to hit those areas on Monday or Tuesday. 🙂

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    Sir why not do a demo in nearby provinces like Cavite, Laguna and Batangas? I’m from Cavite and i own a postpaid plan smartphone from one of the telcos. It would help in my decision to get an iPhone from one of those telcos. Thanks!

    Switcher ako from Globe to Smart. The best ang Smart service na di ko nakita sa 12yrs kong pag stay sa globe. Buti na lang nag offer ang Smart ng iPhone at nalaman ko kung gaano ka mediocre pala ang globe sa speed at customer service ng Smart. Just my two cents.