HP’s New Dragonfly Laptops Are Smarter And More Powerful Than Last Year’s

Premium lightweight laptops with smart features

HP is building on its Dragonfly brand by adding two new models to the lineup — the Dragonfly Max and Dragonfly G2. Both are lightweight convertible laptops, aimed at delivering a ““lighter than air,” experience, at least according to the brand.

The Dragonfly G2 isn’t that, obviously, but this 2.2 pound (997 gram) laptop is one of the lightest announced so far this year, and the G2 Max isn’t all that much heavier, at 2.49 pounds (1129 grams).

The new laptops get Intel’s new 11th-generation silicon, along with up to 32GB of RAM instead of the original’s 16GB limit, as well as a “premium” keyboard, one that’s backlit and spill-resistant. Both laptops have an impressive Intrusion Detection feature that sends out an alert when the device has been opened or compromised (important with a business-focused laptop) and Tile trackers that are integrated into the WLAN module. These help you find or trace the device in the unlikely event that you misplace it.

Both laptops also have the Context Aware feature, which tells them if they’re on a solid surface or on a wobbly lap. If they’re on the latter, the hardware inside keeps the temps low so you’re not accidentally burned while using it. When it’s on a solid surface however, the feature shortens the boot time by 10+ seconds according to HP. For connectivity, both laptops can be configured with 4G or 5G.

The two laptops which appear very similar, have differences apart from their weight. The Max comes with a 5MP webcam with an IR sensor for Hello Windows Logins, HP Eye Ease feature that reduces blue light emissions, and a mechanical webcam shutter that you can drag to cover the sensor, it is offered in two colorways: Sparkling Black and original blue. Meanwhile the G2 sports a 720p (1.2MP) webcam, a physical webcam cover triggered only through a dedicated button on the keyboard but comes only in Original blue.

Both Dragonfly laptops will be available in January, and HP said pricing will be shared closer to the retail date.

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