LG PenTouch TV

60" TV with a stylus?

The LG PenTouch TV is a line of plasma HDTVs that can be used with Stylus technology. If the PenTouch TV is connected to a computer you can use the stylus to do several applications and activities on and off the Internet. This is called the PenTouch Mode. To turn on, just click a button on the remote control and you can then access your files on the PC and play around with the content. A maximum of two pens can be used on any given time on the LGPenTouch TV. Then pens are rechargeable via USB.

The LG PenTouch comes in either 60-inch (2 variants) and 50-inch plasma HDTVs. The first 60-inch called 60PZ850 can do 3D and sells for $2199 (est. Php95,000). The other 60-inch model can’t do 3D but offers Full HD 1080p and sells for $1,699 (est. Php73,500). The entry level 50-inch called the 50PV490 SRP is at a more friendly $1,099 (est. Php48,000).

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