Nomad Wallet for iPhone has a Built-in 2400mAh Power Bank

Nomad Wallet for the iPhone
Nomad Wallet for the iPhone

Charge your iPhone with Your Wallet

As the months go by we end up carrying more gadgets with us. These days almost everyone has a power bank that they carry with them because of the battery life of their smartphones. However sometimes you just want to carry as little as possible and this is where the Nomad Wallet for the iPhone comes in.

The Nomad Wallet for the iPhone has a built-in 2400mAh power bank and a lightning cable so you can easily charge your iPhone while you’re on the go. It’s enough to give an additional full charge which should be enough to get you through a heavy day at work. We’ve been rocking this wallet for the last few months and it has replaced our usual power bank that we bring with us.


Perhaps the only issue with this wallet is that it’s slightly bulky. That’s perfectly understandable though since there is a power bank stuffed in it with the lightning cable, hehe. That said, the size is good enough so that you can stuff bigger international paper bills (peso paper bills are a bit small) making it a great travel wallet as well. It also looks and feels great as it’s made from black saffiano leather.

The Nomad Wallet for iPhone retails for less than Php5,000 and you can get it already from branches of Digital Walker and Beyond the Box.

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