Samsung To Resume Galaxy Note 7 Sales On September 28


You all know it by now: Samsung has recalled all the Galaxy Note 7s that they’ve sold in the past few weeks, and are urging people who have not yet handed their phones over to turn it off and have it replaced. And while this little recall is a major speed bump to the company’s efforts, they will still continue selling the flagship after the bruhaha has settled down.

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In fact, Samsung’s already announced that they will resume Galaxy Note 7 sales on September 28, at least in their home market of Korea. We’re sure that other markets will follow, which includes the Philippines. As far as we know Samsung Philippines is replacing the Galaxy Note 7 with newer, safer versions on October 1. That may also mean that sales for the phone will start at the same date, but that’s assumption on our part – Samsung Philippines has not said anything official yet.


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