SMART NetPhone Launch at Jump Experience Center

SMART NetPhone Launch at Jump Experience Center

Up close and personal with the SMART NetPhone!

SMART NetPhone Soft Launch

I attended what appeared to be a soft launch for the SMART NetPhone tonight. The audience was primarily composed of bloggers and the PH cyber press. The NetPhone team was there and they presented all the features and details of SMART’s newest product. I was also able to get a closer look at the phone and even spend some time with the display unit. It’s basically an Android 2.2 Froyo powered phone with SmartNet. SmartNet is the feature that allows you to do the *free messaging, social stream, and use of the SmartNet Global Directory. Click here for more details about the SmartNet as well as the specs of the NetPhone.

Other Fun Stuff

During the Q&A the representatives of SMART were peppered with a lot of questions by bloggers and the cyberpress. This was actually the highlight for me since a lot of gems popped out during this segment. Here are some of the important details that were revealed:

  • SmartNet is NOT exclusive to the NetPhone forever.
  • SmartNet will eventually be available in other Android devices and even iOS.
  • SmartNet is free (as long as you maintain P1 balance) until December 31 only. SMART can put a price tag on this service afterwards.
  • SMART sees the mobile internet usage is now the next frontier. One person quipped that maybe there’s a lot of weight in this project because SMS revenues aren’t what they used to be anymore because of all the UNLI-type promotions and products in the market.
  • The NetPhone is selling fast via pre-order and they’re almost out of stocks.

Fascinating! Anyway, allow me to share a couple more photos with everyone from the launch event.

Demo of the SMART NetPhone
Video of the SMART NetPhone on the 82" LCD screen!
Louie Ang, SMART NetPhone Marketing hosted the launch
Representatives from SMART during Q&A
Me playing around with the NetPhone on display

Lastly, SMART also shared with us the upcoming TVC for the NetPhone featuring some members of the Azkals. It’s a catchy and funny TVC and I’m pretty sure it will do a good job in raising awareness for the product especially if their primary target market is still the SEC ABC.

Thanks again to SMART and Jayvee for inviting UNBOX to the soft launch.

PS: We’re requesting for a review unit so we can give you guys a more in-depth review of the product.

*Photos by Michelle Orosa-Ople

Other bloggers who wrote about the event:

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