The Xperia 5 II Proves There’s Still A Market for Compact Flagship Phones

The Xperia 5 II Proves There’s Still A Market for Compact Flagship Phones

While brands are racing through offering bigger displays with their premium flagship phones, Sony is going for the opposite route with the Xperia 5 II. Essentially a “compact” version of the Xperia 1 II, the Xperia 5 II is proof that there are still people who want all of the best specs but prefer a phone that is more pocketable.

What makes this compact flagship compelling? Here’s a rundown:

A 120hz display. While the resolution takes a step down at Full HD+ (the Xperia 1 II has a 4K panel), the Xperia 5 II’s small 6.1-inch OLED panel supports a high 120hz refresh rate with 240hz touch sampling rate. It maintains the 21:9 aspect ratio of its predecessor and has this cool black frame insertion feature for reducing motion blur.

Flagship internals. The Xperia 5 II may be the Xperia 1 II’s little brother, but this small phone packs a punch. Inside it, you get a Snapdragon 865 processor with 8GB RAM and either 128GB/256GB internal storage. Sony did make a small upgrade to the Xperia 5 II with an optimized governor that lets the phone run more cores while drawing less power.

Zeiss goodness for the cameras: Unlike with its predecessor, the Xperia 5 II gets Zeiss branded cameras and shares the same setup found on the Xperia 1 II save for the ToF sensor. On this compact flagship phone, you get three 12-megapixel cameras: one with f/1.6 aperture, Dual Pixel AF and OIS; one with an f/2.4 aperture, 3x optical zoom, PDAF, and OIS; and an ultra-wide-angle one with an f/2.4 aperture and Dual Pixel AF.

The cameras come with T* anti-reflective coating, along with select Xperia 1 II key features like Eye Autofocus and up to 20FPS burst shooting with continuous AE/AF.

A bigger and smarter battery. Despite being a compact flagship, Sony packed a 4000mAh cell inside the Xperia 5 II, which is the same size found on the Xperia 1 II and almost 900mAh bigger than the Xperia 5’s battery. While you get an 18w charger out of the box, the Xperia 5 II can handle up to 21w charging speeds thanks to USB-PD.

To take care of the battery, Sony incorporated two features: Battery Care lets you choose a slower charging curve and limit charging to 90%, and Heat Suppression Power Control lets you use power from the charger directly when plugged in to reduce heat and prolong battery life. The latter is a useful feature especially if you plan to play games on the Xperia 5 II while plugged in.

Well-deserved flagship features. As a compact flagship, Sony packed a lot of features on the Xperia 5 II. These include stereo speakers, the return of the headphone jack, IP68 rating, and Gorilla Glass 6 for both the front and back. You also get a Google Assistant button and a dedicated camera shutter button to remind you that the Xperia 5 II is a serious performer when it comes to photography.

The Xperia 5 II will be available in Europe by Q4 2020 for 900 Euros(~Php 51.5k) with color options that include Black, Grey, and Blue. Those living in the US can pre-order starting on September 29 for $950(~Php 46.1k).

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