Surefire M3LT CombatLight

Surefire M3LT CombatLight

Surefire M3LT CombatLight -- used by the US Navy Seals

The Surefire M3LT CombatLight is used by Special Forces around the world. It has a quad-die LED that’s focused by a total internal reflector and a Fresnel lens. This technology allows the device to throw the beam of the light as far as it can go. You can manipulate it further by turning the tail cap which will give you 70 lumens (up to 8.5 hours) and even 400 lumens (up to 1.7 hours).

Other than the flash bang quality light, what else makes this “CombatLight”? The Surefire M3LT is bomb-proof and it has a combat grip which lets you hold it easily while using a gun. That and you can probably use this as a short range weapon, haha.

The Surefire M3LT CombatLight sells for $550 USD or roughly around Php24,000.

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