Swiftpoint Wireless Laptop Mouse

by Carlo Ople  July 10, 2011

Definitely a different kinda of mouse!

The Swiftpoint Mouse is a small, wireless, quick charging, fast, accurate, and easy-to-use mouse for your laptop. It’s easy to bring along due to the size and you can quickly dock it via the USB charger. 10 seconds of charging will get you 1 hour of battery life. Not bad right?

Another selling point is that the Swiftpoint works well on the laptop itself. You can use the space beside the touchpad. This helps you work in cramped desks and spaces or when you’re using the laptop while you’re riding the car.

From the design alone you know that this offers a different experience than what you would normally get with your typical mouse. Unlike the traditional grip that will cause carpal tunnel after a while, the Swiftpoint is held intuitively like a pen.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding and appreciation of the device:

The SwiftPoint Mouse is available via orders through the Tenkiebox Facebook Page. The mouse sells for Php4,500.

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