The LG G9 is Rumored to be a Premium Mid-Range Phone

A change in strategy for LG

Following the unveiling of the V60 ThinQ as LG’s flagship phone for 2020, the Korean brand is reportedly downgrading the G9 ThinQ as a premium mid-range offering instead. This change of strategy is part of LG’s mobile division to improve profitability. Under its reported new strategy, 5G flagships will be sold in North America and Western Europe, while its 5G mid-range phones will be sold in other regions.

With this new approach, the G9 ThinQ will have a Snapdragon 765G processor and 6.9-inch Full HD+ OLED display. The G9 ThinQ is set to launch soon with a price of KRW 900,000(~Php 36.8k). Other rumored specs include a 4000mAh battery, QuadDAC, headphone jack, and a quad rear camera setup.

LG is not the only one that made such a strategy: ZTE’s Axon series and Nokia’s 8 series—both flagship offerings—are now premium mid-range phones with the Axon 11 and Nokia 8.3 as both come with Snapdragon 765G processors. 


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