You Don’t Need to Spend Too Much to Get a Good Inverter Aircon Unit

Quality and Competitively Priced AC Units

If you’re in the market for a quality Inverter Airconditioner unit, you don’t have to go overboard and spend Php50,000 for a window type inverter model. If you want to be more practical you might want to check out the units offered by Gree.

Gree actually makes a third of all AC units, making them the #1 manufacturer in the world. They’re based in China and they work with most of the more popular brands that you see today (kinda like how Sony makes camera lenses for other brands). They’ve actually been in the Philippines for a while but they haven’t been making noise as much.

We stumbled upon them when we were on the lookout for a new AC unit for our living room. After a lot of research we decided to pull the trigger and we installed it a few weeks ago. We have zero complaints so far. It’s quiet, cool, and doesn’t blow up our electric bill. With the same usage we’ve seen a drop of Php1,000-Php1,500 on our monthly electric bill.

For your reference, here are the prices of their Window Type Inverter Units:

We all need one, hehe.

Inverter Window Type Airconditioner Unit (1HP)

  • with Remote Control
  • KX-25I 1.0Hp Inverter R32 with Remote Control
  • Cooling Capacity: 10,500 kJ/h
  • Power Consumption: 260~800 Watts
  • EER Rating: 13.1
  • Area Capacity: 20sqm (residential) 16sqm (office)
  • Rated Current: 3.47 Ampere
  • SRP 34,495.00

Inverter Window Type Airconditioner Unit (1.5HP)

  • with Remote Control
  • KX-35I 1.5Hp Inverter R32 with Remote Control
  • Cooling Capacity: 14,500 kJ/h
  • Power Consumption: 300~1100 Watts
  • EER Rating: 13.1
  • Area Capacity: 26sqm (residential) 20sqm (office)
  • Rated Current: 4.78 Ampere
  • SRP 39,495.00

For after-sales concerns, Gree has a lot of accredited service centers and partners. You can see a full list here.We obviously haven’t had the need yet to contact them but it’s also reassuring to know that they’re active on social media as well.

You can also read more about them in their PH website by clicking here.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.


  1. it’s a few thousand pesos less than the other leading brands. inverters can really save you electricity charges but this savings can only be felt if you use your AC for at least 12hrs a day. Thats a fact that AC reps can tell you about inverter ACs. but these reps are silent on 3 things.
    1. They will not tell you repair coverages and costs even under warranty period. Moreso, it will be much higher after that.
    2. They will never tell you that non-inverters last much longer than inverters. Twice longer at the least. And
    3. inverter circuits of AC are prone to damages since discrete electronic devices naturaly wear out after sometime. These circuit boards don’t come cheap.

    sorry about that, sir carlo. but I’m not a big fan of inverters…

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