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5 Things We Love About The Fujifilm X-E4

Fujifilm’s X-E series serves as a mainstream mirrorless camera for most consumers who want…

Duey Guison

May 7, 2021

The DJI Air 2S Gets a 1-Inch Sensor, 5.4k Video Recording

As a follow-up to the Mavic Air 2, DJI launched its successor with the…

Duey Guison

April 16, 2021

The Insta360 GO 2 is the World’s Smallest Action Camera

Insta360 wants to have a competitive edge in the action camera category with the…

Duey Guison

March 10, 2021


Canon’s Pocket Telescope Camera is Going to be Sold Outside of Japan

With imaging as its bread and butter, Canon has made a number of strange…

Duey Guison

October 14, 2020

The Zeiss ZX-1 Goes Up for Pre-Order

While Zeiss is best known for its lenses—especially with Sony's cameras and smartphones and…

Duey Guison

October 6, 2020

The GoPro Hero 9 Black Finally Gets a Second Color Display

GoPro is back with the 9th generation of its Hero action camera. Called the…

Duey Guison

September 16, 2020

The Sony A7c Brings Full Frame to a More Compact Body

What happens if you combine the A7 III's full-frame sensor with the A6600's compact…

Duey Guison

September 15, 2020

Is this Sony’s Next Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera?

Sony has quite made a name for full-frame mirrorless cameras with the A7 series.…

Duey Guison

September 12, 2020