MacOS Sequoia Lets You Control your iPhone from Your Mac

MacOS Sequoia Lets You Control your iPhone from Your Mac

To further strengthen MacOS’ integration with iOS, MacOS Sequoia further improves Continuity with iPhone mirroring. This feature essentially lets you have your iPhone’s screen on your Mac–all while your iPhone remains locked. This mirroring feature also also allows you to control your iPhone via your Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse–similar to how Sidecar works for the iPad.

It’s better than Sidecar to an extent as mirroring also lets you cast audio from your iPhone, along with being able to view and respond to iPhone notifications from your Mac.

Just like with iPadOS 18, MacOS Sequoia is also getting a slice of Apple Intelligence, with features like AI-based writing tools to help you rewrite, proofread, and summarize text through apps like Mail, Notes, Pages, and other supported third-party apps, along with being able to create your images to use for these apps. The Photos app is also revamped and now lets you create a video from your existing photos and videos based on your prompts, along with Clean Up for removing unwanted people and objects from your photos.

Other features include iOS’ Passwords app being available on MacOS, a presenter preview mode when you are doing video calls, and Safari having an improved interface when it detects a video on a web page you are viewing.

Devices that support MacOS Sequoia include the following:

  • iMac 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later
  • Mac Studio 2022
  • MacBook Air 2020 and later
  • Mac mini 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and later
  • Mac Pro 2019 and later

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