Maxicare Notifies Members of Lab@Home Data Breach

Maxicare Notifies Members of Lab@Home Data Breach

Following reports that Maxicare has been affected by a data breach, the health care company formally notified its members about it, stating that the data breach may have compromised personal and medical information.

The data breach involves the Lab@Home service, which is used by Maxicare members for at-home laboratory service. Being a third party service, Maxicare said that the database is not integrated with its own systems.

“As champion of your privacy rights, Maxicare is making this notification to inform you of the incident and to minimize any further risk on your part,” Maxicare said in a statement.

As Maxicare is conducting an investigation of the data breach, it assures its members that it will provide them with updates.

This is the latest cyberattack incident that occured in the Philippines. Prior to this, other organizations affected include PNP’s Firearms and Explosives Office, the DOST, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), and PhilHealth. Even large, private companies like Acer were affected as well.



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