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Microsoft PC Game Pass Now Available in the Philippines

Microsoft’s PC Game Pass is now available in more Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines. To start it right, Microsoft is offering a preview of the game subscription service starting today, March 29.

The preview will offer over “100 high-quality games including new Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, iconic Bethesda games, and an EA Play membership.”

PC games such as Minecraft, Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, Sea of Thieves, and Microsoft Flight Simulator are all included. Also included are popular titles from Xbox Games (Halo Infinite), Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks series (Fallout and The Elder Scrolls), and EA games (FIFA, Battlefield, The Sims, Mass Effect, and etc.)

Microsoft PC Game Pass is priced at Php 5 for the first month and Php 119 for succeeding months for the duration of the preview, which will also serve as a way for Microsoft to “setup and test the local payment systems.”

“As this is the first step in bringing access to PC Game Pass in the region, participants can test and share their feedback so we can make improvements across the service. We look forward to sharing more about how to join PC Game Pass when the service launches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam later this year,” Microsoft said in its press statement.

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