Xiaomi Officially Launches Mi 4i in PH, Retails for Php 9,799

It’s finally here A few months after the global launch of the Mi 4i in India, the company’s global flagship has finally arrived in the Philippines. Xiaomi Philippines is pricing the Mi 4i at Php 9,799 when it officially hits retails Lazada later this month on July 29, and offline stores on August 1. Xiaomi […]

Xiaomi Mi 4i Review: A Flagship For Emerging Markets

Ready for global domination! After launching several premium phones which targeted the higher market (Mi4, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro), Xiaomi has renewed its focus on the mid-end with their Mi 4i. The Xiaomi Mi 4i holds the distinction of being the first major device that the company launched outside of China, intended to be […]

Google Launches 4G-equipped Android One Handset in Turkey

Android one gets an LTE version Google’s Android One initiative has expanded in different locations around the world, including the Philippines. Now Android One has officially arrived in Turkey, along with a brand-new 4G equipped handset offered by General Mobile. The new phone comes equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor, along with 2GB of RAM […]

Xiaomi Mi Note Review: A High End Phablet At A Mid-Range Price

By: Richmond Li Tan Speculations ran wild back in late 2014 about a possible successor to Xiaomi’s Mi 4 flagship. All signs pointed to a 5.5-inch flagship that had a curved glass body and a design that closely followed their previous device. Imagine everybody’s surprise when the company announced a phablet instead – the Mi Note. The […]

OPPO’s Upcoming R7 Has Its Price, Specs Leaked

Two versions of the R7 is set to be released, at least in China OPPO’s upcoming bezel-less R7 has been leaked so many times now that our week wouldn’t be complete without talking about the yet unreleased device, and predictably there’s yet another leak for it this week. This time, the new leak comes by […]

Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked: Potential Flagship Killer?

Xiaomi Mi5: Leaked Specs are Impressive A popular Chinese Tech blogger just “leaked” the specifications of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone. If these specifications are true then we can expect the Mi5 to be a serious contender in the premium flagship space especially if Xiaomi finds a way to bring their prices down to more […]

LG G4 Officially Announced with Quantum HD Display and Improved Camera

This is LG’s newest flagship LG has officially announced the G4, the company’s follow-up to the G3. Just like the leak says, the ovearall design aesthetic of the G4 hasn’t changed drastically from the G3, and the device still sports the same back button layout as before. The G4 will have a geniune leather back […]

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Review: Modern Budget-Friendly LTE Daily Driver

Redmi 2: Dual SIM LTE Budget-Friendly Smartphone On paper the Redmi 2 looks pretty slick. For just Php5,999 you get a 4.7-inch smartphone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor, LTE connectivity (Dual SIM to boot), and a gorgeous fully laminated HD display. While it definitely delivers on a lot of things it also […]

Hugo Barra Tears Down New Mi 4i, Confirms Non-expandable Storage, Corning Glass Protection

Xiaomi shows us what’s inside the Mi 4i If you’re a fan of tear downs and Xiaomi, we may have a treat for you: Hugo Barra, VP for Xiaomi Global has gone ahead and teamed up with PhoneRadar to tear down the company’s newest international flagship, the Mi 4i. When the Mi 4i was launched, […]

Xiaomi Officially Launches Mi 4i in India, Priced at Around 9K

A phone for the global stage Xiaomi has always launched their new phones in China, where the company is headquartered. It made sense, because Xiaomi’s primary customers are still Chinese, after all, despite their global ambitions. This changes today with the official launch of the Mi4i in India, the company’s first official unveiling out of their […]

LG G3 PH Unofficial FB Group on the LG G4: Camera is Exciting but Battery Has Us Worried

Right after the LG G4 designs and features surfaced online, we posted a question on the LG G3 PH Facebook Group (unofficial but has thousands of members) asking them what they thought of the new LG flagship. The were a lot of answers we had to sift through but more or less we can break […]

Oppo R5 Review: Beautiful, Wonderfully Thin Phone

We review the Oppo R5! Oppo’s R5 blew us away when we first saw it in Singapore last year. The one time thinnest phone in the world title holder, the R5 showed off the design chops of Chinese brand Oppo during the gala unveiling. We’ve spent a large chunk of time with it as our […]