Unboxing the Noontec MovieHome V8 Media Player

Unboxing: Noontec MovieHome V8 Media Player In this day and age most of the media we consume comes from the internet. The computer, just like what Steve Jobs predicted, is the digital hub. Even if we get DVDs or CDs we have the option of transferring the content to our hard drives. This is the […]

Photo of the Week: Black or White Samsung Galaxy Note?

White Samsung Galaxy Note now in the PH? We were able to spot a white Samsung Galaxy Note last night. Yes, it’s the same party where we found the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. In fact both phones have the same owner, hehe. Anyway, we decided to take a photo of the white Note side-by-side our […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Hands-on

Hands-on with the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY We were able to spend some time with the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY during a birthday celebration/baptism reception yesterday (unit owned by Mr. Chewy Chua of Tribal DDB). It was a surprisingly fun and great experience! This phone has been around for quite a while since it was […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock

Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock Kit Despite my earlier pronouncement that I’m not a fan of stuff that you stick to the windshield I ended up getting the official Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock at the Samsung Mobile Store in Vmall, Greenhills. I was hesitant to get one because all the previous docks for my […]

Unboxing the Noontec Zoro Headphones

Unboxing: Noontec Zoro Headphones Noontec Philippines sent us a loaner review unit of their new Zoro Headphones. I’ve been seeing this on display in a few stores since last week but I’ve held off from buying because I wasn’t sure of the brand yet and I couldn’t find any reviews posted online. It’s a good […]

Unboxing the Brainwavz HM3 Headphones

Unboxing: Brainwavz HM3 Headphones When you say “headphones” here in the Philippines chances are the top of mind brands are Beats By Dr. Dre, Skull Candy, Philips, Audio-Technica, AKG, Bose, and probably even “Apple”. The problem with the brands I just mentioned is that they are mostly all expensive. Finding budget friendly cans with good […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Charger Stand

I passed by the Samsung Mobile store at Greenhills yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re carrying a few official accessories already for the Samsung Galaxy Note! The first one that I saw was a Car Dock with a built-in charger which sold for Php2,500. I’m not a fan of stuff you […]

Samsung Galaxy Note cases in Greenhills

So you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note with your Christmas bonus. After taking it out of the box and playing with it for a couple of days you realize that you need a case on this beauty. You go around different stores and malls trying to look for accessories but to no avail. Well, good […]

Audio-Technica PRO700 MK2 Hands-on

Hands-on with the “Bass Monster” Audio-Technica PRO700 MK2 We currently have a review unit of the Audio-Technica PRO700 MK2. This thing has so much bass it puts almost the entire Beats Audio line to shame. I’ve tried a lot of headphones in the last few months and nothing beats the deep, thumpy, hard-hitting, and punchy […]

AKG Q701 Headphone (Quincy Jones)

AKG Q701 now in the Philippines Quincy Jones is a multi-awarded record producer and musician. He has a total of 79 Grammy Award nominations (wow), 27 Grammys, and a Grammy Legend Award. One of his best works is producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. These are just a few of the accolades that he has under […]

JBL Acoustical Space SM Megamall Cyberzone

JBL Acoustical Space now open! Our friends from JBL just opened their new store at the SM Megamall Cyberzone aptly named the JBL Acoustical Space. It’s really not your regular shop because they have a mean listening room/studio near the back with a monstrous home theater set-up. The set-up you’re seeing above costs around Php500,000 […]

Beyond the Box is giving 30% Off on Brainwavz products

Crazy Limited Sale by Beyond the Box One Rockwell Beyond the Box (One Rockwell) has been doing daily promos for the last 3 weeks. Basically they put a product or brand on sale with certain conditions. This Wednesday (December 28) they’re slashing off 30% on all Brainwavz earphones and headphones for the first 30 customers. […]