Audio Technica SJ55 Headphones

Audio Technica came out with a new line of entry level headphones that offer superb sound quality, great design, and not that bad in price. The most affordable is the SJ11 followed by the SJ33 and finally the SJ55. For this entry we’ll focus more on the Audio Technica SJ55. I was able to audition […]

Saddleback Leather Large Satchel

Saddleback Leather is a premium brand of leather bags for men. One of their nicest products is the Saddleback Leather Large Satchel. It’s made from 100% full grain boot leather, industrial marine grade polyester thread, hidden nylon reinforcing straps, and no breakable parts. It has 1 full size back map/magazine pocket, full size interior pocket, […]

Editorial: What’s the point of Bluray?

Welcome to Unbox’s Bluray Mondays! This is a weekly entry where we review, discuss, and talk anything about Blurays from movie reviews to equipment reviews/previews! To kick things off let me just share with you guys what’s so nice about Bluray using DVDs as a benchmark. While a lot of people think that DVD is […]

Paul Smith Leather iPhone Cases

The iPhone 4 may be one of those gadgets that transcended from being a functional phone to a lifestyle and status symbol. Sometimes having the latest gadget can make people feel that they’re modern, hip, and up-to-date. The Apple iPhone can definitely be considered a “designer” phone. That’s the reason why accessories for Apple products […]

Smallville Series Finale (Season 10)

Smallville started in October, 2001. That was when I was in first year college. The final episode was just aired a few days ago making it the longest build-up for a superhero reveal in a television series in the history of the world. After 10 long seasons Smallville finally comes to a close and we […]

Unboxing the AKG K404 Portable Headphones

I bought my wife the Harman AKG K404 portable headphones since she’s been stuck with unreliable generic IEMs for the longest time. She wanted something light and easy to bring along with her so we decided to go with the K404 because it was portable and it didn’t compromise sound quality for the sake of […]

AKG K518 Limited Edition

The AKG K 518 LE headphones are fashionable, stable (very secure fit), and has balanced sound quality. Several bloggers actually have said that SQ is much more favorable for techno/electro music. It produces thumpy, full, and punchy bass. The only consistent complaint we’ve seen for this model is that it’s a bit too tight and […]

Plants vs Zombies Pea Shooter Toy

Plants vs Zombies is arguably one of the most successful games in the history of humanity (LOL). Millions all over the world are enjoying using pea shooters to take down hordes of monstrous undead. Plants vs Zombies is present in several platforms including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Pop Cap, the makers of the game, […]

Wonder Woman TV Series Dumped

Wonder Woman was generating a lot of online buzz in the last few months. However it’s not the positive kind. Ever since it was announced it’s drawn a lot of flack especially because of the terrible superhero costume of Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki). Later on the producers got the hint and eventually changed the costume […]

Editorial: Dove Men + Care: Real Men do it for their Women

I came to realize that Dove Men + Care’s grooming products aren’t for every guy. There’s a tendency for a lot of men to shy away from skin care and grooming products because they feel like it’s not “macho”. However the point of looking good is not just about you feeling great about yourself. It’s […]

Vapor Pro Black Ops iPhone Case

The Vapor Pro “Black Ops” iPhone 4 case is now available in the Philippines courtesy of Applewerkz. This case is rugged, lightweight, and versatile. The main band made from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and there’s also a plush black suede backing and optional ear pad. There’s also an Aerospace polymer insert that […]

Unboxing the Jabra BT2080

The Jabra BT2080 is a bluetooth wireless headset that’s probably inspired by 1990’s futuristic science fiction shows. You basically connect it to your phone via bluetooth, slip it in your ear, and just click on it if you want to answer an incoming call. It just looks weird sometimes because people might think you’re talking […]