BlackBerry Bold 9900 Launched in the US

Research In Motion just announced their latest new smartphones at the BlackBerry World Conference in the US – the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 (CDMA). The most noticeable difference from the Bold 9780 is the all new thinner and sleeker design. It has a stainless steel band and a fiberglass back. Yes, there’s no mistaking […]

Sony Handycam PJ10

Remember the MiLi Pico Projector? We were all amazed with it because it was such a small and portable but powerful projector. However it looks like projectors are being attached to various products these days. The Sony Handycam PJ10 is both a video recording camera as well as a projector! What does this mean? Well […]

Justin Timberlake and Sting

We recently bought the Justin Timberlake Future Love Concert DVD (Madison Square Garden) and Sting’s Live Concert in Berlin. The two artists are completely different performers. They have radically different styles and ways to entertain. However both of them deliver powerful, emotional, and phenomenal shows. The ones that you’ll never forget for the rest of […]

Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest Winners

First let me thank all the bloggers who joined the Somnio Running Shoes contest. It took a while for us to arrive at the winner because there were several entries that were really creative, innovative, and inspiring. By the way, we were able to secure consolation prizes so we will be awarding an NBA Fragrance […]

Lyoto Machida Retires Randy Couture with Karate Kid Kick

Whenever movie meets reality, it’s an awesome experience. This time around, movie met reality in the octagon, in a bout between a former light heavyweight champion and a hall of famer. Lyoto Machida faced Randy Couture in UFC 129 today, and Randy Couture retired after the match. How did he lose? Remember the famous karate […]

Moleskine Ruled Notebook

Moleskine is a high-end and premium brand of notebooks which has a cult following here in the Philippines. According to their website, Moleskine is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway. The notebook has a very simple, classic, and elegant design: black rectangle […]

Latest Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2 Trailer

In case you missed it, here’s the latest trailer for the last Harry Potter movie coming out this July. A word of Caution though: SPOILERS AHEAD. Also comment below if you feel Voldemort yelled too many times. “YEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW” 😀 If that doesn’t entice you to grab the next Muggle and rejoice, I don’t know what […]

Sony Tablet Computers to launch in Autumn of 2011

Sony recently released news about their long-awaited tablet computers. They’re releasing 2 versions, for now, coded S1 and S2.

Adidas Orange Blue Windbreaker

Gone are the days of boring, single color windbreakers that are all about function and are not about style. Here’s a good way to go to the gym, take a walk around the village, or run a fun run. Wear this windbreaker from Adidas. It’s light, thin and the colors are really classy. Or, if […]

Neo Elan L2282 N Laptop

There was a time when dual core PCs with decent NVIDIA graphic cards cost more than Php 40,000. However times have changed and technology has rapidly grown in the past few years. The Neo Elan L2282 N Laptop is a very affordable machine with decent specs. It trashes most netbooks out there since it’s powered […]

Gola Redford Nations Japan Messenger Bag

Gola burst into the local seen sometime in 2004-2005 and gained a solid following ever since. It’s actually a UK brand that’s been around for 100 years (whoa). The fact that they’re still strong after a century just goes to show that they offer quality and stylish products. The Gola Redford Nations Messenger Bag first […]

Razer Hydra

The Razer Hydra is the world’s first motion sensing controllers powered by Sixense. The controllers will allow gamers to extend natural body motion into PC games. This device has the potential to turn your PCs into Nintendo Wii’s or XBOX with Kinnect. The Hydra will work with at least 125 PC games including Left 4 […]