Harman AKG K 840 KL Wireless Headphones

The AKG K840 KL Wireless Headphones is one of the best in the wireless category. It provides CD-quality audio over the air via a transmitter because of the Kleer technology which delivers 16-bit stereo audio sound over a 2.4GHz radio link (uncompressed). It operates 10 meters max from the transmitter and it has battery life […]

Tekken: Blood Vengeance (3D Animated Movie)

So how many of you watched the live action movie of Tekken? (Don’t lie!) These game franchise based movies have that effect. Remember Street Fighter, Super Mario in the 90s, Dead or Alive? But this movie is different. It’s not another live action movie, but a Full CG Animation. From the same studio that brought […]

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Laptop

Ever wonder how spies and scientists have laptops while they’re on adventures? This is probably how. Panasonic launched their Toughbook CF-53, which is a hybrid between their usual fieldwork laptops and their business laptops, combining the best of both worlds. Basically, it can fall on any side from 30 inches high and you can spill […]

Editorial: Wonder Woman tweaks costume

In our last article about the Amazon from Themiscyra, we showed you guys Wonder Woman in her new costume. But thanks to fans clamoring on social media, the producers made the costume easier on the eyes. Instead of wearing awful electric blue spandex and the blue high-heeled boots, Wonder Woman (played by Friday Night Lights’ […]

Arwey Notebook Sets

Arwey is a premium brand of functional notebooks made in Turkey. The manufacturers pride themselves in having quality products with stylish designs. Covers of the notebooks are either Termo PU (long-lasting material as smooth as fabric) or bound in canvas. They have different kinds of notebooks as well and they even sell notebook sets which […]

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

The Star Wars movies defined a generation and it’s no wonder that the creators are still making tons of cash from merchandise like toys, clothes, and television series. One of the dream toys of a lot of Star Wars fans is to have their own Lightsaber. Personally my favorite is the one used by Darth […]

Lamborghini coming to the Philippines

Italian food is great. Italian leather has quality. Italian cars are gorgeous. PGA Cars will bring in the awesome Italian car brand, Lamborghini in the second half of the year. The cars will be housed in the showroom at Bonifacio Global City. I’ve been looking at the cars and I’m just speechless. Here, enjoy photos […]

Bluray Mondays: Iron Man 2

Starting today we’ll be having Blueray Mondays. We’ll be reviewing Bluray titles that are available locally. To kick things off let’s pay tribute to the smashing box office success of the God of Thunder by reviewing a Marvel title related to the upcoming Avengers story arc – Iron Man 2. Synopsis The story of IronMan […]

Manny Pacquiao Nike Trainer 1.3 Max

Last April 25 Nike launched and showcased the Manny Pacquiao inspired Nike Trainer 1.3 Max. There were only 50 pairs of the shoes since they wanted to make it a limited edition product. It comes also with a hefty price tag of Php7,995. The shoe is designed for athletes who want a shoe for several […]

Audio-Technica ATH-SJ11

The Audio Technica ATH-SJ11 is probably one of the best entry level headphones that offers great sound quality for an affordable price. The SJ11 retails for Php 1,999, which is significantly lower than other big brands like Marshall and AKG. However don’t get fooled with the low price. Bloggers have been giving the SJ11 great […]

Manny Pacquiao “MP” Nike Hoodie

Manny Pacquiao just dismantled Sugar Shane Mosley during their fight in Las Vegas. Mosley spent most of the time running away and even shoved Pacquiao during the later part of the match. Anyway, Pacquiao won and it’s great timing to share with everyone another Manny Pacquiao-Nike product: Pacman’s MP Hoodie! Available in Nike (Bonifacio High […]

Pacquiao beats Mosley; “Manny Pacquiao Knows Titles” Nike Shirt (Updated)

May 8, 2011 Update: Manny Pacquiao just demolished Shane Mosley in their boxing match in Las Vegas. Congratulations to the honorable Congressman! I’m proud to be a Filipino! Limited edition Manny Pacquiao merchandise is available in Nike Park, Fort Bonifacio. You guys might want to check them out. Manny Pacquiao has an endorsement and product […]