SMART NetPhone Launch at Jump Experience Center

SMART NetPhone Soft Launch I attended what appeared to be a soft launch for the SMART NetPhone tonight. The audience was primarily composed of bloggers and the PH cyber press. The NetPhone team was there and they presented all the features and details of SMART’s newest product. I was also able to get a closer […]

Unbox Giveaway: Sole Project Flip Flops

SOLE PROJECT FLIP FLOPS RAFFLE! A few weeks ago we featured the Sole Project Flip Flops. They’re proudly Filipino made high quality flip flops that will definitely appeal to the modern Pinoy. The designs are quirky, witty, and funny making it a fun experience each time you put them on. It also makes for great […]

Moshi Moshi MM04i

The Moshi Moshi MM04i is a fascinating product. It’s primary function is to be paired with your mobile phone via bluetooth and it acts as a handset. This helps a lot with ear fatigue especially if you’re doing a lot of calls on your cellphone. That flat glass screen of your iPhone really wasn’t made […]

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Keyboard

Razer refreshed their BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard line with a new model called the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Keyboard. It’s still a mechanical keyboard which offers gaming-grade responsiveness but the main difference is that it has silent key switches which makes it less noisy. Those who own mechanical keyboards know how noisy each click can […]

Tron: Uprising Animated Series

Tron: Uprising is an animated series by Walt Disney that’s scheduled for 2012. It takes place before Tron: Legacy (the last movie) and the plot resolves around a program named Beck who eventually becomes the leader of the revolution in The Grid. Watch the trailer below and read the synopsis afterwards. Synopsis Beck is a […]

MiLi Power Star

Smartphones offer a lot of features like mobile browsing, social networking, gaming, e-mail, and a whole lot more. However the biggest problem is the battery life. Most of the time smartphones rarely last the whole day because the stuff you do on it consumes the battery quickly. That’s why there’s a huge demand for good […]

2011 Dodge Nitro SXT 4×4 Review

While everyone else is introducing car-based “Crossover”, Dodge remains to be solid of being more traditional with their mid-size sport-utility vehicle—the Nitro. Sticking to its muscular brand image, the Dodge Nitro stands out with several signature styling cues including an aggressive crosshair body color grille with bright horizontal inserts, fender flares, sculpted lines and chrome […]

Deck 82 Keyboard (Ice)

When people buy computers the last thing on their mind is usually what kind of keyboard they’ll get. There are actually different kinds of keyboards available in the market with cool features. Deck 82 is a compact LED back-lit mechanical keyboard that looks awesome. Each key actually has one LED light! It also has a […]

Motorola FIRE (QWERTY Keypad Android 2.3)

Meet the Motorla Fire QWERTY keypad phones will always have a market because not everybody is comfortable typing on touchscreen. I have an iPhone 4 myself but I really have an easier time typing SMS and e-mails on my BlackBerry Bold 9780 or even my trusty old Nokia E5. Motorola is entering this market with […]

Unboxing the HP TouchPad

Unboxing the HP TouchPad Shortly after HP announced that they would stop supporting the HP TouchPad they dropped the price to $100 USD (4,300) making it the most affordable fully functioning tablet in the market today. The buying frenzy that followed was amazing and HP TouchPad became one of the fastest selling gadgets in Amazon. […]

Divoom iTour Pop Speakers Review

Meet the Divoom iTour-Pop Portable Speakers! Divoom iTour-Pop looks like something that came out of science fiction. One thing I find handy with this UFO looking speaker is the fact that it can compress it by pressing down on it making it more portable. What about the audio jack, you ask? It’s right on the […]

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade: The Ultimate Portable Gaming Laptop When I switched to the Mac I thought I would never see a PC anymore that would make me want to leave Apple. I was wrong. The gamer in me is just too powerful to ignore. I just saw the details of the Razer Blade and I’m already […]