Angry Birds Piggy Banks

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the whole world. In fact just recently they crossed the 200,000,000 download mark. It’s only natural that whatever merchandise they have would also sell like hotcakes. Best Toys in Vmall, Greenhillls, is currently carrying several Angry Birds piggy banks. They have models for all of […]

L.A. Noire Preview

3:30pm, Joe’s Diner. The cool breeze is a welcome sight here in this summer light. The kids are out playing, mindlessly keeping themselves busy as kids always do. I miss being a kid. My buddies and I would pretend we’d be playing Cowboys and Indians. I’m always on the side of the law, that’s why […]

Saddleback Leather Laptop Sleeve

Presenting one of the “manliest”, sturdiest, and awesomest laptop sleeves available: the Saddleback Leather Laptop Sleeve. Just like with other Saddleback Leather products it’s made from 100% thick full grain boot leather and it also has Pigskin lining which is tougher than leather. The edges are sewn with thick leather to protect it from impact […]

DC Unlimited Dragon Age Series 1 Toys

DC Unlimited recently released the first series of Dragon Age toys. They feature 4 characters from the game, Dragon Age: Origins. They decided not to feature all the playable characters in the first set. The set is comprised of the witch, Morrigan, the Teryn, Loghain, the Gray Warden, Duncan and a darkspawn, Genlock. These toys […]

The Adventures of Tintin (December 2011)

Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are teaming up to bring one of the most beloved “accidental detective” – Tintin! A lot of rumors have been going around about this but it was only recently confirmed that we will see The Adventures of Tintin on the big screen. They’re doing the film in 3D animation and […]

Divoom Divo and iTour-Pop Speakers Blogger Contest

It’s time again for another UNBOX BLOGGER CONTEST! We’d like to thank our sponsor, Divoom Philippines, for providing us with great prizes! We’re going to give away a Divoom Divo and Divoom iTour Pop Speakers to the winners of this blogger contest. Mechanics are very simple – just write a blog entry and post a […]

Edifier MP300 Plus Portable Speakers

Among all the desktop speakers I’ve seen this is probably the snazziest looking one. The Edifier MP300 Plus is a compact three-part system which includes two ball-shaped satellite speakers and a 15-watt tubular subwoofer. If you’re just in front of your laptop or PC, this set-up works wonders. The sound quality is phenomenal… well until […]

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life fer Meh!

(NOTE: must imagine drunk Pirate saying the lines below. Trust me, it’s going to work better. 😉 ) Arrgggh ye ‘Mateys! I see me here ‘ol Captain Jack is stirring again a monstrous feat of swash-buckling goodness this, here, Friday. And in the spirit of High-Sea Piracy, I be talkin’ like a galoot aboard a […]

Custom Dark Brown Suede Laptop and Tablet Sleeves

If you don’t fancy any of the sleeves or cases being offered by various companies for your tablet or laptop you can opt to have one made by a leatherworker or tailor. One of the best people for the job is PhilMUG’s PowerPee. I’ve been getting sleeves from him since my first MacBook Air two […]

Targus Spruce Backpack

The Targus Spruce Backpack can carry all of your mobile devices at the same time. It’s main padded compartment can carry 15.6″ laptops. It has quick access zippered pockets for your keys, pens, business cards, accessories, water bottle, MP3 player, and cellphone. It even still has space for your tablet and maybe a book! The […]

Audio Technica SJ55 Headphones

Audio Technica came out with a new line of entry level headphones that offer superb sound quality, great design, and not that bad in price. The most affordable is the SJ11 followed by the SJ33 and finally the SJ55. For this entry we’ll focus more on the Audio Technica SJ55. I was able to audition […]

Lacoste Messenger Bag

The Lacsote Leather Downtown Bag that was featured here last month received a lot of good feedback. That’s why that when we had the chance to check the Lacoste store in Podium we asked if they had new models of bags. We were in luck because they just refreshed their messenger bag line! The build […]