Head-to-Head: Samsung Galaxy S8 VS OnePlus 3T

Does the “Flagship Killer” have what it takes to topple Samsung’s latest and greatest? The OnePlus 3T versus the Samsung Galaxy S8. The latest “Flagship Killer” against the newest Samsung flagship smartphone. Which phablet will be the victor? Let’s find out! Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Exynos 8895 octa-core processor or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor […]

Now That There’s A Galaxy S8+, What Happens To The Note Series?

With such a large display on the S8+, what does Samsung have planned for the Note 8? We’ve spent quite a bit of time with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ today, and the two new devices are probably the best phones that the Korean company has ever made. The S8+ is the most impressive of […]

The “Father of Android” Teases His Bezel-less Smartphone

Mi Mix is that You?! It was mid-January when we caught wind that Andy Rubin, the man who many call the “Father of Android”, was working on a smartphone that would take on the Google Pixel and the iPhone. Rubin said that phone he and his company, Essential Products Inc., is currently working would not only […]

Meizu MX6 Initial Review: Lost In The Crowd

The MX6 looks promising, but has a lot of competition to beat Before Meizu released their Pro line of devices, the MX series of phones was their go-to high-end device. And just like rival Xiaomi in China, Meizu priced the MX line aggressively relative to their specifications, and quickly gathered a small, hardcore group of […]

Why Do Official, Local Warranties Matter?

Here’s why we endorse phones with local presence When we published our list of our top 5 smartphones for under 10K yesterday, many people asked us why we didn’t include several of Xiaomi’s excellent smartphones in the list. Well, the answer is simple: Xiaomi does not have a local presence here in the Philippines, which […]

Meizu M5, M5S, M5 Note Initial Review: Meet Meizu’s Budget Devices

Meizu’s back! Novo7 Tech’s closure around a year ago meant that many interesting brands were taken off of the market. That included rising Chinese company Meizu, who released a few solid budget devices that had good value for the money. For the past few months a few Meizu phones trickled into the market, but they […]

Big Screened Phones Are Getting Smaller

More people want big screens without the bulk A few days ago a leaked schematic showing the Galaxy S8’s overall dimensions compared to its competitors hit the web which showed just how much screen to body ratio it had. While the Galaxy S8’s overall screen to body ratio is estimated at over 80%, it’s not […]

LG G6 Hands-on, Initial Review: Back To Basics

LG has finally unveiled their latest flagship in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress yesterday, and it couldn’t be more different from last year’s model. Instead of making a phone centered around something new and risky like modular accessories, the Korean company instead focused on iteration, settling for a safe (and relatively boring) phone with […]

Grey Market, Parallel Import Or Smuggled? What’s The Difference?

A few weeks ago one of the biggest online stores in the country was raided by the Bureau of Customs for allegedly selling smuggled high-end phones and devices. While Kimstore was one of the higher profile companies to be targeted by the BOC because of alleged smuggled gadgets, they’re not unique – there have been […]

MWC 2017: Pre-Show Round-Up

We have been subjected to (and in turn subjecting you to) many leaks, rumors, and even confirmed news bits about what we can expect to see in the hallowed halls of Fira Gran Via in Barcelona and, now, we’re a week away from seeing what some of the top brands have to offer us for […]

Trio of Mid-Ranged Snapdragon Chips Set for Release this Year

It doesn’t seem that their recent troubles in China, South Korea, and — more recently — in the United States will deter SoC manufacturer Qualcomm from making bank. Reports have come in that they will be releasing three new mid-ranged chipsets to power future devices, these SoC’s are the: Snapdragon 630, Snapdragon 635, and the […]

OPPO Is Now The Top Dog In China

OPPO is a well known brand in this part of the globe, but it’s a relative unknown to the rest of the world. But just like many Chinese brands before it, OPPO has been making big strides in their home country, managing to grab the top of the charts in terms of smartphone sales, beating […]