5 Ways We Can Benefit from Machine Learning and AI

Welcome to the future! Forget about fancy dual camera setups or skinny bezel displays: With all the innovations, Artificial Intelligence has to be the most important trend we should all care about. What used to be an April Fools joke last year is now turning into a reality. In a related article, we talked about […]

September 2017 Review Roundup: Two Amazing Flagships amidst a Sea of Smartphones

As we have concluded September 2017, let’s look back at the reviews we made during that month. Of course, September became very exciting when we got to review two flagships: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. In between the two most-talked-about phones, we also got a good share of bang-for-the-buck […]

iPhone 8 Plus Quick Review: Should You Just Wait for the iPhone X?

Here’s the iPhone 8 Plus Despite our better judgment, we decided to pull the trigger and get an iPhone 8 Plus despite the iPhone X scheduled for release a few weeks from now. We wanted to experience it ourselves given all the shade this latest iPhone has been getting from a lot of tech sites […]

Here’s A List of Devices Confirmed to Get Android Oreo (as of September 2017)

Is your device one of the lucky ones? Last month, we gave you an unofficial list of devices that will be receiving Android Oreo. Now, we can confirm which particular devices will be receiving the latest Android flavor aside from Google’s Nexus and Pixel smartphones, and the Essential Phone. So far, we know that Sony’s Xperia […]

We Take A Peek At China’s Smartphone Landscape

Spoiler alert: mid-range is king We’re still in China for Huawei’s media tour, and one part of the company’s media orientation program is to familiarize us with some of the smartphone trends that is happening in Huawei’s home country, courtesy of GfK China. While most people think of the Chinese market as the land of […]

The Most Common Processor in Q2 2017 Isn’t Made By MediaTek

Qualcomm is the dominant processor manufacturer this time around While you’d expect Qualcomm to be the chip provider of choice for most flagships, you probably didn’t expect the chip maker to be the most common provider of processors for most phones in the first half of 2017, right? Well it seems like the company has […]

HTC To Join Mid-range Android One Bandwagon Via U11 Life

Yet another Android One phone is set to be released There’s yet another manufacturer that’s rumored to join the Android One party according to leaks. After the surprise announcement of Xiaomi and the rumored involvement of Motorola, HTC is apparently joining the Android One family via their yet unreleased U11 Life, according to multiple sources. The […]

Will Android One Replace The Nexus Program?

It looks that way A few days ago we were all blindsided by Xiaomi’s announcement of a stripped down, pure Android smartphone under Google’s Android One program, the Mi A1. Before that announcement we thought that Google’s initiative was on life support, but it looks like they’re is taking a new tack with Android One, […]

Mi MIX 2 Leaks Will Give the iPhone 8 and Note 8 a run for their money

Xiaomi is definitely on a roll! With less than a day before the official unveiling of the Mi MIX 2, Xiaomi is definitely putting all stops to steal the spotlight from Apple, which is launching three iPhones including the iPhone X on September 12. In the most recent leaked photo of the actual phone shows that […]

Motorola Allegedly Joining Android One Via Moto X4

It looks like Google’s initiative isn’t dead after all After pushing their Android One initiative on budget devices aimed at developing countries, it looks like Google is taking a new approach with the program. With the official announcement of Xiaomi’s first Android One device (and really, the first Android One phone that a majority of […]

Here’s A Look At The Mi Mix 2’s Display

It’s better than the original Xiaomi is expected to launch their original bezel-less smartphone, the Mi Mix 2 a few days from now and while we’ve seen leaks of the front panel before, we haven’t seen the display in action yet. That changes with today’s leak via ever dependable Weibo, where two images of the […]

A Mid-range Model is the Practical Smartphone choice nowadays—Here’s Why

 It is more than because of the rise of insanely expensive flagships   Let’s be honest: As much as you crave for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 or Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, or even Huawei’s Mate 10, we really doubt that you are willing to spend Php 50,000 on a phone. They may boast of the […]