Smart’s Smartphone Sale Has Crazy Phones With Steep Discounts

If you’ve been looking to score yourself a decent, high end secondary phone, you’re in luck. Smart is selling many high end (but slightly dated) flagship phones in their online store starting today until the 28th. There’s going to be a lot of phones on sale, a lot of which are solid, dependable devices we’ve […]

Smart’s World Travel WiFi Is Like SkyRoam On Steroids

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to travel to both HK and Shenzen without having to worry about not having an internet connection via SkyRoam – an awesome little gadget that uses virtual SIM technology to get the fastest available internet speeds to your phones. While that service was pretty awesome, it came with […]

Millennial Talk: A Guide for Titos and Titas of Manila

There are many schools of thought as to the age range of a Millennial. Some think that Millennials are born within the years of 1976-1996, while other say that it’s more like the early parts of the 80’s to 1998. Whatever age range you think Millennial are, the team at Unbox PH definitely fit the […]

WATCH: freenet’s Lure Caravan Kickoff

Despite the somewhat rainy weather, freenet’s Lure Caravan event launch at the QC Memorial Circle was a decent success, attracting plenty of Pokemon Go trainers and aspiring Lure Managers alike. We reported earlier that out of the total 600+ Lure Manager applicants, only three trainers were chosen to be the very best for the job. […]

Niantic Struggling to Stop Pokemon Go Cheating

Cheating in games has been around long before video games were invented. No game is exempt. Video game development nowadays is a testament to that reality, especially in online games with a competitive aspect to them. It’s a never-ending battle between game developers and hackers, exploiters, and cheaters out to bend the rules in their […]

Pokemon Go Lure Parties: Catch ‘Em All this Friday and Weekend

The Pokémon Go fever has now reached epidemic proportions in the Philippines. How so? Just look at these “lure parties” everywhere this coming Friday and the weekend. Everybody is going nuts over Pokémon! Edit (August 12): Updated the post with a whole buncha lure party schedules. Thanks for the tips, readers! SM Supermalls is really going […]

The Pokemon Go Effect: GH Stalls Selling Powerbanks, Water-resistant Cases Like Hotcakes

Pokemon Go fever has gripped the Philippines, judging from the amount of people trying to catch the digital monsters in the wild this weekend. And like trainers in countries where the AR game has launched, Pinoy trainers are slowly realizing the terrible toll of the game on their phone’s battery. It’s not surprising then that […]

Pokemon Go 101: Apps for the Aspiring Pokemon Master

Pokémon Go can become very overwhelming for the fledgling trainer aiming to become “the very best like no one ever was.” With the monster-catching craze in full swing in the Philippines, local Pokémon trainers can stay ahead of the competition with the help of these nifty apps that actually work for our region. PokeRadar Available […]

MMDA Posts Safety Reminders for Pokemon Go Trainers

Not to be outdone by LTFRB’s earlier advisory, MMDA has also released their own public reminders for local Pokémon Go trainers. Just in case you’re unable to read the info pic, here’s what’s written: Huwag maglaro ng Pokémon Go habang tumatawid. Ituon ang mga mata sa kalsada at ugaliing lumingon sa kaliwa’t kanan. Kung ‘di […]

LTFRB to PUV Drivers: Pokemon Go While Driving Is Prohibited

Here’s a quick reminder from LTFRB to all you public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers out there who sideline as Pokémon trainers: That’s right. It’s only natural that playing Pokémon Go while driving, regardless if your vehicle’s private or public, is a big no-no and could get you in serious, serious trouble. As for you PUV […]

SM Supermalls Now with Pokemon Stops and Gyms

Good news for our intrepid Pokémon Go players in the Philippines. SM Supermalls now has PokéStops and PokéGyms for all your Pokémon needs. Here’s the list of current PokéStops and PokéGyms found in SM Malls. It’s nationwide too. Nice. As a special treat to local Pokémon Go fans, SM will be giving away P3,000 worth of shopping […]

How To Import Phones From Overseas To The Philippines

We’ve all looked at websites like Aliexpress, eBay, GearBest longingly at the awesome phones, tablets and notebooks being sold there that’s not available in the PH market, and wondered at what it would take to bring them to our country. Overseas e-commerce shopping has long been a mysterious affair for many, especially for people not […]