Unbox Giveaway: Mi 10400mAh and 5200mAh Powerbanks!

We’re Raffling Away Mi Powerbanks! The Xiaomi Mi Powerbanks have been crazy hot sellers over at Lazada. Both instances they went on sale they sold out in minutes (or seconds)! We have a couple here that we wanted to raffle away to you guys. We have 4 powerbanks (2 each of the 10,400 and 5,200 […]

Meizu MX 4 Hands-on, First Impressions: Meet the Fastest Phone In the World

We go hands-on with the Meizu MX4! Whenever Novo7 Tech extends us an invite to visit them at their office or store, we’re always up to it. Last time we did they allowed us to fondle the THL 5000, and today, we braved Manila’s terrible, terrible traffic to visit their Lucky Chinatown branch for the […]

Unboxing the iPhone 6: Is it Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

We Get Our Hands on the iPhone 6! The Apple iPhone 6 sold over 10,000,000 units in three days and the crazy demand for it has driven local gray market prices through the roof! The average price range right now is at Php49,999-Php60,000 for the 16GB/64GB variants. However despite the steep prices we’ve heard that […]

Huawei Ascend P7 Review: Affordable Int’l Flagship

We review the Huawei Ascend P7! Today, we’ll be reviewing Huawei’s Ascend P7. The Ascend P7 is an international flagship much like Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Sony’s Xperia Z2. It’s one of the few int’l flagships in town that is relatively affordable (Xiaomi’s Mi 3 notwithstanding), coming in at just Php 20,990. Is the Ascend […]

Unbox’s 4 Best Bang for the Buck Phones (Mid 2014)

Want the best phone for your hard-earned cash? We’re now in the latter half of 2014, and we’ve seen some truly awesome, budget friendly smartphones in the past few months. But of course, not all smartphones are made equal – some are great, some are good, but only a few deliver bang-for-the-buck performance at a […]

Huawei Ascend G6 Review: Sexy, Selfie Smartphone

We review the Huawei G6! It seems that Filipinos can’t get enough of selfies. While the photography trend isn’t unique to our country, we’ve embraced it with open arms, judging from the sheer number of selfie pods that have turned mobile phones (and action cameras) into dedicated selfie machines. It’s only natural then that companies […]

BlackBerry Z3 Hands-on: Will BlackBerry Woo Back Old Customers With This?

We go hands-on with the BlackBerry Z3 Facing an uncertain future and major upheavals in leadership a few months ago, the company is now looking to make a comeback under the leadership of John Chen. The device that’s leading the charge? The company’s Z3, built in cooperation with Foxconn, the same people who make the […]

OnePlus One Shows Up in Lazada, Bearing Php 14,299 Price Tag

The OnePlus One is finally here! If you’ve been trying to look for the OnePlus One everywhere and have been turning up empty, you’ll be happy to know that the extremely affordable, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 equipped Nexus-killer is now in the PH courtesy of online shopping giant Lazada, sporting a price tag of Php 14,299. […]

Starmobile Quest Unboxing: Is the F2.0 Aperture Lens Worth It?

We unbox the Starmobile Quest! While other local brands have been leaning heavily on driving sales of their devices by aggressively marketing their specs, Starmobile has gone back to basics with their approach lately, focusing instead on their core competencies like imaging to drive hype for their products. One such product is the Quest, a […]

Redmi Note Gets Priced in SG, Just Php 6986 for Enhanced Version

Xiaomi’s octa-core phablet will retail for just Php 6986 in SG We know a lot of you are actually waiting for the release of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note phablet, especially since we’ve just published a review of Xiaomi’s affordable octa-core smartphone. While it hasn’t been released locally by the Chinese company, we can get a rough […]

Mi 3 Buying Guide: What You Need to Get A Chance to Buy the Mi 3

Ready your wallets, June 26 is coming Alright, so you’ve read our hands-on and review of Xiaomi’s fantastic, bang for the buck Mi 3. You already have Php 10599 ready to go, but are clueless how the sale on June 26 is going to go. Well, the good folks over at Mi Philippines Facebook page […]

Samsung NX Mini Review: Handiest Mirrorless Camera We’ve Ever Tested

We review Samsung’s NX Mini! In today’s post point-and-shoot world, a camera needs to offer more than just being able to take photos to be able to succeed. That’s one of the reasons mirrorless cameras are taking off, as far as marketshare is concerned. Small and relatively compact yet still possesing DSLR-like qualities, these cameras […]