5 Cherry Home Products That’ll Make Your Home Smarter

Cosmic Technologies Inc, the company behind local brand Cherry Mobile is branching out. The company isn’t just selling smartphones – they’ve established a new brand dubbed Cherry Home as well as a new software ecosystem for smart devices much in the same vein as Xiaomi and their Mi Home. The brand promises much of the […]

Cherry Home Announces Cherry Pet IoT Products

Smart devices for your furry friends As part of its vision of a smart ecosystem, Cherry Home expands its line of smart home products with Cherry Pet. The new line caters to providing your furry friends the convenience of smart home living. For its debut offerings, Cherry Pet has the Smart WiFi Feeder and Smart […]

Cherry has a Product for Monitoring Air Quality at Home

Cherry has since expanded to a number of smart home products that also include appliances that help in improving how people prepare their food. They also have other essential gadgets like their GaN Nitro charger, and their recently-announced Smart Air Quality Sensor is another interesting Cherry product for homes. READ MORE: –Cherry’s Instant Pot is […]

Cherry’s Smokeless Grill Makes Home BBQ Easy And Fun

You don’t need to go out for delicious barbecue, kebab, or even samgyeopsal with the Smokeless Easy BBQ Grill Deluxe from Cherry. Its latest product under its robust line of home appliances, Cherry’s compact BBQ grill employs a smoke-free technology that uses infrared top and bottom heating to emit minimal to no smoke and flare-ups […]

Cherry Introduces Smart Swivel S4 Camera For Homes

Cherry adds new products to its growing portfolio of aIoT products with the Smart Swivel S4 Camera. Consisting of a regular and LE model, both smart cameras can be controlled using the Cherry Home app and feature sensors that output 3-megapixel photos and Full HD video quality. They have an auto-tracking feature, allowing you to […]

6 Cherry IoT Products for Your Smart Home Needs

If you are looking into upgrading or expanding your smart home, Cherry has you covered with its affordable IoT products. In fact, the Pinoy brand has six products that can aid you with that smart home life. Smart Floodlight Camera. Meant to be installed outside the house, the Smart Floodlight camera has two floodlights and […]

Cherry expands Smart Home Living Portfolio with the Dehumidifier Pro

Cherry continues to expand its Home offerings further, this time introducing the Dehumidifier Pro for keeping moisture out of sensitive items like leather bags and shoes. The Dehumidifier Pro can remove excess moisture at up to 12 liters/day and can also reduce the buildup of bacteria, molds, mildew, and dust mites. This is made possible […]

Cherry Announces Smart Air Purifier Series for Homes

Cherry expands its line of health essential products this year with the Smart Air Purifier series. Comprising of the Max SAP-1000 and Ultra SAP-3000, both are standalone air purifiers that are designed for homes. Both air purifiers come with five filters: a Primary Filter for sifting dust, De-formaldehyde Particulate Matter for straining liquid or droplets, Activated […]

Cherry Mobile Goes Into Your Home: Meet the Ultra on the Go and TV Box

Cherry Mobile is branching out! Last night we sat down and had dinner with Cherry Mobile’s CEO, Mr. Maynard Ngu, to talk about Android devices and the Philippine gadget scene in general. Apparently this wasn’t an ordinary dinner meeting – the company took the opportunity to show us two of their newest products that they’ll […]

5 Gadgets You Should Have for Your Smart Home

The constant evolution of technology encourages everyone to improve their homes with gadgets that integrate well with smart living. But with the influx of the many gadgets that promise an enjoyable smart home life, how do we know what’s best for our families? Here at Unbox, we present a few devices worth adding to your […]

Cherry Taps Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as Latest Endorser

Cherry Philippines welcomes Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as the latest endorser of its products–specifically with its smart home offerings. “Her authenticity, warmth, and bubbly persona have endeared her audiences, making her a trusted source of inspiration for homemakers everywhere.” Cherry COO Michelle Ngu-Cinco said. “We all know that she loves preparing and cooking for her loved ones, and […]

Here are the Summer Deals that Cherry has in Store

Cherry is kicking off the month of May with its “Of Course It’s Summer Deals”, where you cvan enjoy up to 15% off on select Cherry products until May 31. Some of the highlighted products include the Cherry Wireless Karaoke Rhythm, which is a wireless speaker that has a 4000mAh battery and comes with 2 […]