The “Pilipinas Live App” Is Like Netflix For Philippine Sports

Are you an avid fan of Philippine Sports? Always want to know the latest news and get a glimpse of all the events? The all-new Pilipinas Live app might just be for you. It promises unlimited local sports entertainment on-demand, wherever and whenever you want it. Here are the details. This Pilipinas Live app is […]

More Countries Covered by Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

UPDATE: The Philippines is included in the password sharing crackdown of Netflix. You can read more details about it here. Extra members are charged Php 149/month. ______________________ (Original story) Despite making the Basic and Standard plans more affordable in the Philippines, Netflix continues to expand its crackdown on password sharing to more than 100 countries that […]

SOON: You May Have To Pay For Netflix Account Sharing

Over the course of the pandemic, more and more people looked to subscribe to streaming platforms in search of quality entertainment. It’s undeniable that the Netflix Account Sharing options posted on social media seem more lucrative because of their relative affordability to getting your own subscription. Sadly, the platform’s executives are looking to crack down […]

Best Mid-Range Phones (20k) for Netflix in the Philippines 2023

With Netflix being more affordable recently, people have more reasons to enjoy binge watching wherever they go–be it through their TVs or even through their phones. Speaking of the latter, a number of 2023 mid-range phones in the Philippines have features that make them great for watching Netflix on the go–especially with how display technology […]

Netflix to Scale Down Movie Output as Part of Restructuring Efforts

Netflix has been implementing a number of changes lately, ranging from making its Basic and Standard plans more affordable in the Philippines to having an ad-supported tier available in select countries. Netflix is also among the many tech companies that have been laying off people and restructuring several divisions within the company. one of its […]

Netflix Cuts Prices for Basic and Standard Plans in the Philippines

With all the struggles it has been facing lately, ranging from losing subscribers to finding ways to restrict password sharing, the streaming giant has shared some good news with some of its subscribers in the Philippines: starting February 21, it will be reducing the price of its Basic and Standard Plans, making them more affordable. […]

Here’s How Netflix Plans to End Password Sharing

With Netflix set to end password sharing, the streaming giant shared its workaround on addressing it. With Netflix set to put an end to password sharing this year, the streaming giant will begin to charge additional users and homes. Everyone is wondering how Netflix will actually put an end to password sharing and make it work until […]

Wala Na Kayo? Netflix Adds “Remove Device” Feature

Netflix has just added the “Remove Device” feature, letting you see vital information about everyone with access to the account. This makes it much easier to manage viewing parties and kick out freeloaders who’ve overstayed their welcome on your precious dime. Here’s a complete guide on what it contains and how to access it. Just […]

MTRCB Partners with Netflix to Promote Responsible Viewership

While the MTRCB reiterates its need to regulate shows in online streaming platforms like Netflix, the government agency recently partnered with the online streaming giant for the responsible use of parental controls. “Here at the MTRCB, we look after the well-being of Filipino viewers of all ages, which is why safeguards must be in place […]

Netflix Wants You To Get Other People Off Your Account Via Profile Transfer

  Netflix really, really wants you to boot people mooching off of your account, and the company has introduced a new feature dubbed Profile Transfer to facilitate it. Announced a few days ago, the new feature has made its way to the Philippines, and beginning today users can start transferring full profiles including recommendations, viewing […]

Netflix to Charge Additional Users Starting Next Year

Looks like there will be a number of changes that will happen to Netflix in the coming months: aside from having a new Basic with Ads plan, Netflix will start charging additional users by early next year. This was announced during their quarterly earnings call this week, in a bid to crack down on accounts that […]

Netflix Basic, with Ads: Now Official at $6.99 a Month Starting November 3

After confirming that an ad-based subscription is in the works, Netflix officially announced its much-awaited Basic with Ads with a monthly price of $6.99(~Php 420) in the US, 4.99 Pounds in the UK, CAD $5.99 in Canada, and AUD $ 6.99 in Australia. Netflix Basic with Ads will go live in 12 countries that include […]