Sony Reveals The PlayStation VR 2 For PS5

As we step into 2022, Virtual Reality technology is starting to penetrate the mainstream. Whether it be for entertainment, social purposes (Metaverse, anyone?), or other purposes, VR headsets are finding themselves in more and more households. Sony isn’t about to be left behind as they announce a successor to their first headset almost 6 years […]

3 PlayStation Black Friday Deals To Look Out For (2021)

With the much-awaited Black Friday rolling in at the end of November 2021, Sony’s Interactive Entertainment division has come up with some irresistible PlayStation deals to grab your attention. Discounts will apply within the limited duration of November 19-29 at all PlayStation-authorized dealers and Sony stores nationwide. To make life easier for you, we’ll list […]

You Have a Third Chance to Score a PlayStation 5 Preorder

If you were still unlucky during the PlayStation 5 2nd wave preorder in the Philippines last month, a third wave of preorders is happening tomorrow, February 19. Confirmed retailers include DataBlitz, iTech, Game One PH, and GameXtreme. Just like the first and second wave of preorders, the third wave of preorders will happen within a […]

Here’s your Second Chance at Getting the PlayStation 5 for Retail

Are you still bitter about not being able to get the PlayStation 5 last December for retail? Here’s some good news: retailers like Datablitz announced that they will be holding a second wave of online pre-orders for both the regular and digital version of the PlayStation 5 on January 22. Just like last time, the […]

Incredible Holiday Deals on PlayStation 4 Bundles 

If you don’t have a PS4 yet, now is the best time to buy one. Sony’s cutting the price of the PS4 to its lowest levels yet, with the console getting a new Php 12,990 price tag. That’s not just the base console, mind you – that price comes with a bunch of other games […]

Playstation 5 Digital Edition Unboxing: Leaping onto the Current-Gen

It’s December 11! Happy Playstation 5 Day in the Philippines. After the slight (yes, we are putting it lightly) fiasco with pre-orders, the next-gen or now current-gen console from Sony drops to the select few who managed to have the gods in their favor.  We managed to get one ourselves and, as you can see […]

Here’s How Hard it is to Pre-Order the PlayStation 5

After a long, long wait, Sony Philippines announced that it is officially opening the pre-order of its next-generation PlayStation 5 gaming console tomorrow, November 20 with select retailers. However, there’s a very big catch. Regardless if you plan to pre-order via Datablitz,,, or even at Sony’s flagship LazMall store, you literally only have […]

SM Reveals Possible Price of PlayStation 5

As Sony recently gave a statement that they are preparing for the launch of the much-awaited PlayStation 5 in the Southeast Asia region including the Philippines, SM North EDSA posted the possible price of the PlayStation 5 in their Holiday 2020 catalog on Facebook. In its catalog, SM North EDSA posted a photo of the […]

Here’s Your Official Look at the PlayStation 5

The cat’s finally out of the bag After teasing about the PlayStation 5’s internals and the all-new DualSense Controller, Sony officially revealed the final design of the console itself. To launch in two versions—one with a BluRay DVD drive and one without any optical drive—the PlayStation 5 goes for an edgier, vertical design with white […]

Sony Reveals DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

     Now featuring adaptive triggers  After Sony confirmed the PlayStation 5’s key features and specs, the Japanese tech giant revealed the official look of the PlayStation 5’s controller. Dubbed DualSense, the design shares similar design cues with DualShock 4 controller. New to the DualSense controller are adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons to […]

Sony Details PlayStation 5 Key Specs and Features

It will have full backwards compatibility with Playstation 4 games Sony discussed key aspects of its upcoming gaming console at its deep dive discussion of the Playstation 5. Main focus points of the PlayStation 5 include a switch to SSD drives, improved CPU and GPU, and immersive audio. For storage, Sony is switching to SSD […]

Call of Duty: Warzone Now Official for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

It is free to play Activision announced a new Call of Duty game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, which can be downloaded today for free. Officially called Call of Duty: Warzone, the 150-player battle royale mode drops everyone into Verdansk, where squads of three can loot weapons and gear and fight their way […]