The Xperia 10 V Could Have Been a Decent Mid-Range Offering

Aside from the Xperia 1 V, Sony also announced the Xperia 10 V for its mid-range offering. While it brags to be the lightest phone with a 5000mAh battery at 159g–it’s lighter than its predecessor, the Xperia 10 V is not as exciting as it flagship brother. Let’s break that down. For starters, you still […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

Senator to GCash Users: Report Unauthorized Transactions ASAP

Following all the events that happened to GCash this week, where the use of phishing links is seen as the primary cause of the foiled hack attempt, Senator Win Gatchalian urges all e-wallet users, not just those using GCash, to report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately. “Incidents like this (GCash) diminish the confidence of […]

GGWP: ASUS Confirms ROG Ally Price at $700 (~Php 40k)

We’ve been pushing the ROG Ally as a potential Steam Deck killer for the past few days: based on what we know about its official spec sheet, the ROG Ally simply dominates the Steam Deck across practically every category. Of course, there are some questions that are left unanswered, and ASUS finally revealed the biggest […]

Canon Adds New PowerShot Model with Vlogging-Centric V10

While Canon has been focused on strengthening its EOS R line, you’d probably be wondering if Canon has any development for its PowerShot line. The latest was the unusual, AI-powered PowerShot PICK that was announced in 2022. Since then, the PowerShot line has been focused on unique camera form factors like the monocular-like ZOOM–and that […]

Team SIBOL Aims for Gold at 32nd SEA Games for PUBG Mobile

With the 32nd SEA games ongoing, team SIBOL is in Cambodia to represent the Philippines at the PUBG Mobile event, which starts today (May 11) and will have its finals round on May 15. For the tournament, team SIBOL will be competing for gold against 9 other countries–and aims to bag the top spot in […]

Dell Commits To Fully Sustainable Product Operations

The modern world today has seen more environmental impact than ever before. That’s why one’s carbon footprint is more important now than it’s ever been. With this in mind, Dell has committed to sustainable operations moving forward in the future. As seen here, the company’s goal is to reach zero emissions by 2050. These circular […]

The Xperia 1 V is a 2023 Flagship WITH a Headphone Jack

If you have noticed flagship phones in the past few years, they oftentimes remove the headphone jack as a feature. Some justify it for increasing battery capacity, others think that removing it will improve water resistance. Those are NOT an issue for the Sony Xperia 1 V, which is a 2023 flagship that STILL keeps […]

The Dell KB900 Is World’s First ZOOM-CERTIFIED Keyboard

We’re currently in Penang, Malaysia to test out Dell’s latest and greatest products. Among them is the Dell KB900, the world’s first Zoom-certified keyboard. Yes, it’s the application you use for video conferences. What does that even mean? For starters, this Dell KB900 keyboard has dedicated buttons just for videocall controls. It lets you do […]

Productivity And Portability: All-New Dell Latitude Laptops

For such a gigantic company like Dell Technologies, it would be easy to get lost in its vast array of portable computing solutions. Some of the brand’s most notable recent releases are the latest Dell Latitude laptops, built for a new generation of on-the-go professionals. Definitely the first on our list is the Dell Latitude […]

Google Responds to ChatGPT by Experimenting with AI for Search

ChatGPT’s surging popularity has made Google find ways to improve Search–especially with Microsoft utilizing AI to make Bing and Edge more powerful and versatile. At I/O 2023, Google revealed that they are working on their own take on AI to improve Search. Called Generative AI, Google’s new breakthrough aims to give you more accurate search […]

Converge Eyes June 2023 for Surf2Sawa Official Rollout

Converge is all good news with its business, as it reports an 11.5% revenue growth from January to March 2023. Converge credits this growth–which amounts to a consolidated growth of Php 8.6 billion–to its industry-leading subscriber acquisition and thriving enterprise business. All of this good news was revealed to members of the media at Converge’s […]

Fraudster Behind GCash Hack Attempt used Phishing Links

A few days ago, GCash was in utter chaos when multiple users reported that there were unauthorized transactions made. GCash insisted that it was not hacked. Instead, GCash said that they were able to foil a hack attempt that involved transferring money–with some transactions as high as Php 50,000–into two bank accounts from EastWest Bank […]