Five Reasons to Buy the OnePlus 5

In case you’ve been holding out on getting the “Flagship Killer” We’ve had the OnePlus 5 for awhile now and we’ve already done our full review for this year’s version of the “Flagship Killer”. In case you missed out on reading it or watching our quick review on our YouTube channel, here are five reasons […]

Behold: KFC Outs Its Own Smartphone

No, it doesn’t come with unlimited gravy We’ve seen food and beverage brands partner up with phone manufacturers before, but we will never get tired of seeing the amusing results of said partnerships. The latest mish-mash of tech and food is KFC’s limited edition smartphone, built to commemorate their 30 years of operating in China. […]

Smart Rolls Out LTE-A Manila, Cebu And Davao

Look out for that LTE-A icon on your phone Remember LTE-A, the next evolution of uber-fast wireless mobile internet that we first saw in Boracay last year? Well, Smart is now turning on the technology behind that make those speeds possible in the Philippines, starting with Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao. Smart has rolled […]

Samsung to Push Update for the Infinity Display’s “Red Tint Issue”

Red Tint Fix Incoming! Samsung Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ may give the phone its sexy profile, but we have been hearing a few complaints about it online. You may have heard but some users have complained about the display having a bit of a reddish tint to it. According to an […]

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review: Sayonara, A9 Pro?

Is the first Samsung Phone with 6GB of RAM Worth It? Previously an exclusive to the Chinese market, Samsung Philippines launched the Galaxy C9 Pro locally a little over two weeks ago. We’ve been using it as our main phone for a week now, so it’s time to see if this 6-inch phablet is worth […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Pre-orders Live In Lazada

Here’s a way to get your Galaxy S8 without ever leaving your chair We’ve reviewed the heck out of Samsung’s new hotness, the Galaxy S8, and all that’s left for people who’ve made up their minds is the buying. Well, if you’re not a fan of going to a mall, and instead want to grab […]

Galaxy S8+ Bound For Korea And China Get 6GB Of RAM

The best Galaxy S8 can be found in these two countries Samsung is apparently saving the best version of the Galaxy S8 for Korea and China, as the company is releasing a slightly tweaked version of the flagship in these countries, for very different reasons. Korea is getting a better spec’d Galaxy S8+ by way […]

Should You Upgrade To The Galaxy S8 Or S8+?

Stay with your phone, or go with Samsung’s new hotness? Samsung’s officially released the Galaxy S8 and its bigger brother, the S8+ a few days ago, and many of you are already facing the heart-wrenching decision of upgrading to Samsung’s newest star in its Galaxy. Samsung’s new flagships certainly have a lot of new features […]

All We Know: Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+

This everything you can expect from Samsung’s new flagship Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is probably one of the most documented smartphones to date that hasn’t been released officially. There’s so much information out in the web right now that we can begin to construct an accurate picture of what to […]

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: Rugged And Trendy

Despite the gloomy outlook for smartwatches this year, Korean company Samsung is still cranking out updates to its Tizen-powered smartwatches. The Gear S3 Frontier is the successor to last year’s excellent Gear S2, and builds on many of the innovations that its older sibling introduced, like that oh so simple and elegant rotating bezel. The […]

ASUS Unveils the Zenfone 3 Zoom Price Ahead of Release

According to GSMArena‘s sources, at the unveiling event of the Pegasus 3S in Taiwan earlier, ASUS mentioned the pricing for the company’s most anticipated dual camera handset, the Zenfone 3 Zoom. Related: TENAA Leaked ASUS X00GD is the Pegasus 3S Unfortunately, only the top-end model (4GB RAM, 128GB storage) has a price tag at the moment, […]

7 Tech Stories That Defined Local Tech In 2016

And just like that, 2016 is almost over. The year has been a rollercoaster ride for many people, and probably won’t be looked at fondly by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also been a big year for tech in the Philippines, both good and bad, and today we’ll be taking a look back at […]