Here’s How to Schedule Texts via Google Messages App

Here’s How to Schedule Texts via Google Messages App

how to schedule texts Google Messages

You can finally schedule texts via the Google Messages app, allowing you to send pre-composed text messages much like how you do it now on Gmail. Like emails, this handy feature lets you automate sending messages so you can plan out SMS reminders or even greet someone on their birthday. This highly requested feature from Google was first offered for beta testing in December of 2020 and is now being rolled out as a standard feature on the Messages app.

To use the new feature you’ll have to install and make Google’s Messages app your default texting app instead of the one set by your phone. Don’t worry about learning how to use it – Its interface is similar to most built-in text messaging apps, so there’s almost zero learning curve here.  When you first install it you automatically get asked if you want to set Google Messages as your default messaging app, and once you say yes, you’re all set to start scheduling your text messages. Here’s how to do it:

how to schedule texts Google Messages

How to Schedule Texts via Google Messages App

  • Download the Google Messages app
  • Open the app and start a new conversation
  • compose your message
  • Once you’re done tap and hold the send button
  • Choose when you want to send your message

Included in the pop-up scheduling options are presets such as “later today” or “later tonight,” “tomorrow” or you can specify the time of your choice. Google tends to remember your most frequently used sending times so you spend less time configuring this option the more you use it. After selecting your preferred time, your message will be visibly labeled as “Scheduled message.” The best part is, you can still edit a scheduled message by simply tapping the message you composed.

So far, the feature isn’t showing up on all updated versions of the Messages app. We can’t confirm if enrolling in the Google Messages beta program speeds up the appearance of this feature so we suggest keeping your app updated so you can start scheduling texts.

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