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Huawei FreeBuds 5 Now in the Philippines with Php 7.5k Price Tag

After making the FreeBuds 5i available in the Philippines last March, Huawei also brings over the higher-end FreeBuds 5 to our shores with a Php 7.5k price tag. The FreeBuds 5 stand out for its unique design that consists of streamlined double-C curves that Huawei claims fit better to the contours of the ears. Compared […]

Huawei nova 11 Review Philippines

Huawei nova 11 Review Philippines verdict: Despite the lack of 4G and a shift to a flat AMOLED display, Huawei has a solid mid-range offering in the Philippines with the nova 11 especially if you prioritize camera performance.  Pros -Stellar camera performance for a mid-range phone -Bigger battery than its predecessor Cons -Same processor as […]

Huawei nova 11 Series Coming to the Philippines on June 21

After it was announced in China last April 17, Huawei Philippines confirmed that the nova 11 series will arrive in the Philippines on June 21. Based on the info we got, we can confirm that the vanilla and Pro models of the nova 11 will make it to the Philippines–and we’re not sure if the […]

Will Huawei Get 5G Once Again? New Reports Say So

It has been three years since Huawei stopped selling phones with 5G connectivity because of the effects of the US trade sanctions. The last Huawei phone to have 5G was the Mate 40 Pro, and all of its flagship phones sold after that only used the 4G version of Qualcomm’s chips. Now here’s the interesting […]

Huawei Watch Ultimate Has Php 40k Price Tag in the Philippines

Huawei has confirmed that the Watch Ultimate will have a Php 40k price in the Philippines and is set to be available soon. Aimed to compete against Apple’s Watch Ultra, the Watch Ultimate is made for professionals who demand the utmost durability in a smartwatch. Since durability is the name of the game, the Watch […]

Huawei Band 8 Now in the Philippines with Php 2.1k Intro Price

Huawei brings over the Band 8 to the Philippines with a Php 2.1k intro price. Huawei’s latest smart band keeps an under 9mm thickness while featuring a large 1.47-inch AMOLED display that has a 65% screen-to-body ratio, narrow bezels, and a 2.5D curved glass screen with a CG glass cover plate. Aside from the usual […]

Flagship Camera Comparo: Huawei P60 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S23 VS Apple iPhone 14 Pro

The Huawei P60 Pro is here in the Philippines, and it’s only natural that we compare it with two of its flagship rivals: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro. All three phones are at the top of the heap when it comes to taking photos, but only one is the true […]

Huawei Mate X3 Now in the Philippines with Php 110k Price

Aside from the P60 Pro, Huawei also brings to the Philippines the Mate X3 foldable with a Php 110k price tag. For that price, the Mate X3 is one of the slimmest foldable phones you can buy in the market–on top of being lighter than the Galaxy Z Fold4 by 24 grams while having a […]

Huawei P60 Pro Pre-Order Details in the Philippines Revealed

If you want to get your hands on the best smartphone camera you can buy right now, Huawei has officially made the P60 Pro available in the Philippines and revealed a compelling pre-order promo that gets you an extended warranty and a smartwatch. To recall, the P60 Pro has a starting price of Php 59k […]

Huawei P60 Pro Now in the Philippines, Price starts at Php 59k

While the official sale of the Huawei P60 Pro is on May 12, our source spotted banners promoting the phone and mentioning its official price here in the Philippines. Based on the poster spotted at an official Huawei Store at SM Seaside Cebu, the P60 Pro will have a starting price of Php 58,999 in […]

Huawei P60 Pro to Launch in the Philippines On May 6

After waiting for a few weeks since Huawei teased everyone that they get a chance to experience the P60 Pro through an exclusive preview, the brand confirms that they will officially launch the P60 Pro in the Philippines on May 6. That’s a few days earlier than the May 9 Global Launch of the P60 […]

Huawei, ZTE, BOE working on Next-Gen Flexible OLED Display

Foldable devices is the next step for phones, and while there have been efforts on making the hinge sleeker to give the flexible display a less noticeable crease, not much progress has been made with under-display (UD) cameras. Samsung did it on the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Fold4, but the photos taken from the UD […]