The 2024 iPad Pro Debuts Apple M4, Now has OLED Display

While the 2024 iPad Air feels more like an iterative update save for the addition of a 13-inch model, the 2024 iPad gets a better makeover, with a body that’s thinner than its predecessor at 5.1mm (13-inch) and 5.3mm (11-inch). It’s the thinnest Apple product to date, and this results in getting a new Magic […]

Apple Unveils New iPad Air

Apple Confirms May 7 Event, New iPads Coming at Last

The wait for new iPads is soon to be over, as Apple confirmed a May 7 event that hints at it. The most obvious sign is the Apple Pencil, and the multiple colors most likely hint at the iPad Air. We’re not sure if  new iPad Pros with an M3 chip will be arriving as […]

Samsung Takes the Lead from Apple Again For 1Q 2024

Samsung reclaims the top spot from Apple in terms of global market share according to the Q1 2024 report of IDC. This is on top of an increase in smartphone shipments by 7.8% when compared to the previous year. IDC Group Vice President Ryan Reith acknowledges that the smartphone market is slowly recovering after two […]

Apple Removes Kimi from App Store for Promoting Piracy

Despite that Apple’s walled garden for both MacOS and iOS are of the “most secure” ecosystems out there, Apple wasn’t doing its job properly as Kimi was blatantly violating its Terms of Service by promoting pirated movies and TV shows. Prominent tech outfits like The Verge and Wired discovered the true intent of Kimi, which […]

Apple Might Replace the iPad Mini with a Foldable

2023 is an unusual year for the iPad, as it marked the first year that Apple did not announce any new model save for a USB-C Apple Pencil. While Apple is expected to announce a new iPad Pro with OLED displays, the latest rumor point to the iPad Mini’s days to be numbered. According to […]

Is the Apple Vision Pro Too Ahead of its Time?

Apple may be on top of the global smartphone market share right now, but its number 1 ranking is at risk because of two factors: Samsung’s unveiling of its AI-powered Galaxy S24 series phones, and the rather lackluster reception for its bleeding-edge Vision Pro spatial computer. READ MORE: –Galaxy S24 Ultra Hands-On: More than Titanium […]

Apple Dethrones Samsung’s 12-Year Reign as Top Phone Brand

For the first time in 12 years, Apple has dethroned Samsung as the top phone brand in terms of market share according to IDC. This is despite global smartphone shipments declined by 3.2% in 2023 and marking the lowest full-year volume in a decade. Despite that, IDC reports that shipments recovered through the second half […]

Pre-Ordering the Apple Vision Pro is a Complicated Process

After Apple announced that the pre-orders for its much-awaited Vision Pro spatial computer will start on January 19, it seems that pre-ordering for one is going to be a complicated process. We’re not just talking about the anticipated hardware shortage and limited availability–apparently, you’ll need to comply with several requirements before you can pre-order the […]

Apple Finally Succumbs to Google’s RCS Appeal

After years of Google persuading Apple to use the RCS (Rich Communications Service) standard, Apple has finally announced that it will adopt the messaging standard soon. Apple said that it will roll out an update in 2024 across all its devices, where it aims to bring iMessage features to messaging between iPhone and Android users. […]

Apple Hasn’t Given Up on the iPhone SE

The 3rd-Gen iPhone SE is already showing its age: it is the only iPhone in Apple’s lineup with a home button, thick top and bottom bezels, and a single camera. The current design of the 3rd-Gen iPhone SE will be close to 4 years old by 2024 (it received a processor bump in 2022), and […]

Apple to Release More Efficient, Self-Made Batteries by 2025

Apple is supposedly developing next-generation batteries that are more efficient and more powerful than the ones currently available on the market. The tech giant is planning to commercialize these new in-house batteries starting in 2025, South Korean media outlet ETNews reported. These batteries will then be installed in Apple products that are to be released […]

Snapdragon X Elite Claims to be Better than Intel, Apple Chips

Aside from the much-anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, Qualcomm also announced its new laptop CPU with the Snapdragon X Elite. Qualcomm has bold promises for its new laptop chip, which utilizes a 12-core Oryon design that maxes out at 4.3Ghz in Dual-Core Boost and 3.8Ghz at single-core boost.  In its claims, Qualcomm said that the […]