Big-time Fuel Price Rollback Expected Tomorow

Fuel prices are expected to rollback tomorrow, September 6. Both gasoline and diesel are having a significant price cut. According to the forecast, per-liter prices of diesel and gasoline should go down by Php 1.50 – Php 1.70 and Php 2.50 – Php 2.70, respectively. The projections were based on the average Mean of Platts […]

Save Fuel with These Simple Tips

Saving fuel isn’t rocket science. It also doesn’t require much effort. With these simple but effective fuel saving tips, you can save a lot of money, especially now that gas prices have been going through the roof. Follow the maintenance schedule Check your tires regularly Don’t bother with premium gas Lose the excess weight Fill […]

Huge Fuel Price Rollback Expected Next Week

DOE Oil Industry Management Bureau Director Rino Abad confirmed that a fuel price rollback is expected next week. Motorists should wait until next week before filling up their tanks if they can. This is because a rollback of Php 6.30 – 6.50 is expected for Diesel while a rollback of Php 5.50 – 5.90 is […]

Big-time Fuel Price Rollback Expected Next Wee

Huge Fuel Price Increase Scheduled Next Week

A huge fuel price increase is scheduled for next week. Motorists are advised to gas up this weekend, especially those with diesel-fed vehicles. According to reports, the price per liter of diesel may increase by P6.30 to P6.60, while gasoline prices may go up by P2.50 to P2.80 per liter. This increase will take effect […]

Big-time Fuel Price Rollback Expected Next Wee

Huge Fuel Price Increase Expected Tomorrow

Bad news for motorists: a huge fuel price increase is expected tomorrow. Make sure to gas up today. According to sources, gasoline will go up by Php 4.15 per liter, diesel by Php 4.05 per liter, and kerosene by Php 4.77 per liter. The increase will take effect tomorrow, May 10, 2022, at exactly 6:00 […]

2022 Suzuki Celerio: The Most Fuel Efficient Car in the Philippines

Five months after its global debut, Suzuki finally launched the 2022 Celerio in the Philippines. It features an astounding fuel consumption among others, making it a very relevant car these days. Suzuki did not only make this car more fuel-efficient but also more spacious inside. Sitting on a new platform called HEARTECT, the all-new Celerio […]

Oil Companies Announce Rollback on Fuel Prices

Expect a rollback on fuel prices starting today, May 3. It may not be a lot, but we’ll take what we can get. Any news regarding fuel price rollbacks is good news. Yesterday, Caltex, Cleanfuel, Flying V, Petro Gazz, Petron, Phoenix, PTT Philippines, Seaoil, and Unioil have officially announced a Php 1.15 decrease for diesel, […]

Fuel Prices Expected to Increase Next Week

After a huge rollback lasts week, fuel prices are expected to increase again next week according to the industry players. This will be the 12th time in the last 13 weeks. This time, however, only diesel and kerosene are getting a price bump at around Php 8 for both fuels. Again, this increase is based […]

Huge Rollback on Fuel Prices Expected Next Week

According to the  Department of Energy’s Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB), some events across the globe have caused a dip in fuel prices hence we can expect a huge rollback next week. During CNN Philippines’ New Day on Wednesday, the local agency said that global fuel prices have dropped. One of the main reasons is […]

DOF Rejects Suspension of Fuel Excise Tax

Last Monday, presidential aspirant Senator Ping Lacson called for the suspension of excise tax on fuel. The Department of Finance (DOF) has finally answered, rejecting the idea of suspending fuel excise tax despite the non-stop price hike for several weeks now. A day after Senator Ping Lacson’s proposal, DOF Undersecretary Paola Alvarez told the media […]

Huge Fuel Price Increase to Take Effect Tomorrow

Just when you thought that fuel prices have already gone through the roof, another huge increase is set to take effect tomorrow, March 15. The price of gasoline will increase by Php 7.1 per liter while diesel will increase by as much as Php 13.15 per liter. So far, only Caltex and Cleanfuel have made […]

Lacson Pushes for Temporary Suspension of Fuel Excise Tax

Presidential aspirant Senator Ping Lacson wants to suspend the excise tax on fuel products as another big-time oil price hike is just around the corner. “Another round of price hikes in fuel is expected this week and this time, the increases are unprecedented. The Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS) reference price for refined petroleum products […]