DOE Wants You to Report Gas Stations With Unreasonable Prices

Duterte Taps 5 Government Agencies to Address Fuel Price Hikes

Fuel prices have been increasing for the 10th consecutive week now. To address the problem, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered five associated government agencies to do whatever they can to ease the soaring fuel prices. Government agencies such as National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Finance […]

DBM Gives Out Php 5.5B In Fuel Subsidy Funds To PUV And Agri Sectors

In an effort to aid those most affected by the rapidly-rising gas prices, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has released Php 5.5 billion in a subsidy program covering Public Utility Vehicles and automobiles serving in the agricultural sector. Different policies will be enacted upon these 2 groups, but the goal remains the same: […]

Fuel Prices Expected to Drop as UAE Calls for Higher Production

After consecutive weeks of fuel price increases worldwide, it seems that consumers will now see a price drop. This is because of the open support of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on increasing fuel production. In fact, after this statement released by the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) member, international benchmark Brent Crude […]

Here’s Why Fuel Prices Are Up

Fuel prices have been increasing for the 10th consecutive week now and they are expected to increase even further in the upcoming weeks. At the rate fuel prices are increasing, you might be wondering if prices are still reasonable. From the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, global gas shortage, and the Philippine oil deregulation law: […]

Huge Fuel Price Hike Expected Next Week

It seems that the increase on fuel prices will not be stopping any time soon. Unioil Petroleum Philippines has said on Saturday that oil companies are going to raise prices again starting next week. In its report, Unioil has estimated that diesel price may go up by P5.40 to P5.50 per liter and gasoline price may […]

Oil Firms to Roll Back on Diesel, Increase Gasoline

Why Following The Recommended Fuel Octane Is Important

Loading up fuel may seem like a no-brainer task, you just go to your nearest fuel station and choose whatever fuel you want — as long as you don’t mix up unleaded with diesel or vice versa. This works all the time, so why the need to complicate such a simple thing, right? Well, there’s […]

This Realistic Robot Is Ready To Be Nightmare Fuel In 2021

There are quite a lot of irrational fears inspired by pop culture. One of them is the AI scare – whenever there is a new development in robotic technology, a handful of people often ask if these can overrule humanity’s planetary authority. When asked where this fear stems from, they will often source credible scientific […]

2022 Suzuki Celerio: The Answer to Your Fuel Price Woes

The Suzuki Celero is a car that’s hard not to love. It’s simple, cute, and tiny, not to mention it gets the job done—little tasks to be exact. With the 2022 Celerio, Suzuki decided to make the hatchback even more adorable, fuel-efficient, and somehow bigger. Let’s see how big the changes are. “The all-new Celerio […]

Caltex Wants to Prove how Good Fuel can Go a Long Way

And even break world records When it comes to a car’s performance, fuel quality plays a vital role. Beyond octane numbers and Euro standards, a fuel’s composition To prove this, Caltex invited radio DJ KC Montero and Jamaican-Chinese professional rally race car driver Natasha Chang to race 28-year old cars at Thailand’s Doi Chang Mountain […]

Caltex Launches Improved Fuel Formulation

The last time Caltex launched new advances to their fuel was a decade ago,  when they introduced Techron that helped keep engines clean — I’m sure you all remember the classic commercial that showed gas boys cleaning the insides of an engine. Caltex with Techron prolonged an engines lifespan and helps it run as efficient […]

Honda Click 125i First Ride: Sporty, Fuel-Efficient Scooter

We take Honda’s Click 125i for a test drive! A few days before their official launch on February 21, Honda brought us over to their Safety Driving Center in Parañaque for a look at the newest addition to their successful lineup of scooters, the Click125i, and invited us to join the revolution. But, what does […]

Top 5 Netflix Anime That You Should Watch (2024)

I know, it’s early in the year and the new anime series that came out are just picking up on their episode count – so why not do a little backlog clearing and watch some of the great shows that came out on the platform last year, or are finishing up their season this year. […]