GCash Steps Up Efforts, Blocks over 900,000 Fraudulent Accounts

Despite the ordeal it had to deal with this week, where around Php 37 million of funds were seized in a hack attempt, GCash assures everyone that it is stepping up its efforts toward hunting down online scammers. In a statement, GCash disclosed that they have helped anti-cybercrime agents in arresting an online seller who […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

Senator to GCash Users: Report Unauthorized Transactions ASAP

Following all the events that happened to GCash this week, where the use of phishing links is seen as the primary cause of the foiled hack attempt, Senator Win Gatchalian urges all e-wallet users, not just those using GCash, to report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately. “Incidents like this (GCash) diminish the confidence of […]

BSP, Congress to Probe on Unauthorized GCash Transactions

With GCash being able to avert a potentially big crisis for them by foiling a large-scale hack attempt, the BSP is set to conduct its own investigation on the unauthorized transactions. BSP Deputy Governor for the Payments and Currency Management Sector Mamerto Tangonan has confirmed to GMA News that the recent set of unauthorized transactions […]

Fraudster Behind GCash Hack Attempt used Phishing Links

A few days ago, GCash was in utter chaos when multiple users reported that there were unauthorized transactions made. GCash insisted that it was not hacked. Instead, GCash said that they were able to foil a hack attempt that involved transferring money–with some transactions as high as Php 50,000–into two bank accounts from EastWest Bank […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

GCash Foils Php 37m Hack Attempt; Missing Funds Returned

(UPDATE) East West Bank issues a statement on the hack attempt on GCash, saying that they are conducting an internal investigation on the account used for the unauthorized cash transfers from GCash. “EastWest is cooperating with authorities and other institutions involved in the said report and working towards the immediate resolution on the matter,” they […]

No Funds Lost? GCash States They Were Not Hacked

After facing an outage earlier for several hours–with people suspecting that GCash was hacked due to reports of unauthorized transactions–GCash has issued a statement and said that no hacking incident has occurred and that no funds were lost. “We extended our scheduled maintenance to investigate and determined that no hacking occurred,” GCash said in their […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

GCash Hacked? Reports Reveal Unauthorized Transactions

(UPDATE 2): GCash CEO Martha Sazon has issued a statement, and said that GCash was not hacked based on their investigation. She also assured that “any deduction from a GCash account will be adjusted before 3PM today.” (UPDATE 1): GCash is reportedly working for some people, and those trying to log in are asked to verify […]

GCash Introduces GGives, GLoan, and GCredit Lending Tools

GCash introduces GLoan, GGives, and GCredit as its suite of lending products, which provide Filipinos with an easy and flexible borrowing process. The products are aimed at Filipinos who have outstanding loans, with the top three reasons being day-to-day expenses, emergencies, and fulfilling financial or life goals. Only 2 out of 10 Filipinos have access […]

Maya, GCash among Top Companies in the Philippines for 2023

It appears that Fintech companies are making the lead as some of the top companies in the Philippines according to LinkedIn. In its 2023 Top Companies Philippines list, both Maya and GCash made it to third and second place respectively. Citi and Prudential, both financial companies, made it to 12th and 14th place respectively. Accenture made […]

How to Use GCash Global Pay for International Transactions

Are you tired of carrying cash and credit cards while traveling or shopping internationally? Well, GCash Global Pay has got you covered! With this innovative payment solution, you can use QR codes to make payments wherever you are, thanks to the partnership between GCash and AliPay. Available in multiple countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, […]

How to Start Investing in Crypto via GCash GCrypto

If you’re interested in crypto, you’ll be excited to hear that GCash has partnered with PDAX, the leading virtual asset service provider authorized by Bangko Sentral, for its GCrypto service. This partnership allows GCash users to safely and securely deal with crypto tokens at competitive market rates. But that’s not all! GCash has also teamed […]

How to Remit Money using GCash Overseas

GCash Overseas is a new feature from the eWallet platform–and is a great way to remit money to your loved ones and pay bills from abroad without the hassle of one-time PINs (OTPs) and without the high transaction fees. What makes this feature great is that you can sign up for a GCash account using […]