Unboxing the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi

Unboxed: Smart LTE Pocket WiFi We initially spotted the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi earlier in September. Smart already launched this commercially and it’s actually available already in Smart Stores. You can get it with Php2,000 cash out at either Plan 1799 (10GB cap) or Plan 3500 (21GB cap). Smart LTE Pocket WiFi Spec Sheet Platform: […]

Really Good Gifts for your Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we thought it would be good to share with everyone a list of products we would recommend that you buy for your dad. Most of this stuff is at least Php5,000 so if you’re looking for low-budget gifts this isn’t the best article to look at, hehe. […]

SMART Evolution (LTE/4G) Update: 17 Mbps DL Speed!

Day 1 Test of SMART Evolution 4G LTE We’re currently part of the closed beta test for SMART Evolution (LTE 4G). Smart only has around 20+ sites with LTE network up at the moment. That’s not a big problem for our testing though since we get around 2-3 bars of LTE signal here at our […]