Meta to Reintegrate Messenger Back into Facebook App

If you have been using Facebook since the early 2010s, you’d probably remember that you can access Messenger directly through the Facebook app. Then sometime in 2014, Facebook removed the ability to access your message inbox through the main app, then eventually separated them into two different apps in 2016. Fast forward to 2023, it […]

Meta Copies Twitter, to Offer Paid Verification to Facebook, Instagram Accounts

Elon Musk must be laughing at Mark Zuckerberg right now, as the Chairman of Meta announced that it will start rolling out Meta Verified, a service that’s somehow similar to Twitter Blue. Being more expensive than Twitter Blue at $12/month (or around Php 700) for web and $15/month (or around Php 900) for mobil, Meta Verified […]

MetaverseGo Debuts 3D LED Billboard in SM Megamall

In its push for making the metaverse more known to Filipinos, MetaverseGo partnered with SM Megamall to unveil its first 3D billboard that presents a unique 3D Christmas-themed video show that can be enjoyed every 15 minutes from 6pm to 10pm until January 6, 2023. The video features Santa Claus and helpers Astro and Metmet […]

Globe Signs Partnership with MetaverseGo

With Globe being among the brands that believe in the potential of the metaverse, the telco giant signed a partnership with MetaverseGo to enable its subscribers to have easier access to the metaverse. All they will need to access the metaverse is a valid Globe number. “Choosing to launch in the Philippines first was a […]

Meta Lays Off 11,000 Employees

It seems that the tech industry is also suffering a significant slump in today’s time. Following new Twitter owner Elon Musk’s mass firing of staff last week, Meta will also be laying off 11,000 of its employees. That’s right, the number covers 13% of the company’s workforce, which includes the research lab of its metaverse […]

Acer Predator Showcases “Meta City” at ESGS 2022

With the return of ESGS this 2022 as a physical event, Predator makes a splash as a major sponsor with its specially-themed Meta City booth that’s located right at the heart of the venue grounds. The booth has flight and racing simulators that gamers and gaming enthusiasts can try for themselves, while there are dedicated […]

Google, Meta Fined for Gathering Personal Data

The Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) of South Korea imposed a combined fine of 100 billion won (USD 71.9 million) on Google and Meta Platforms for gathering personal data without users’ consent. According to PIPC, Google and Meta Platforms have been gathering the personal information of their users without their consent. These data are then […]

Meta Testing Community Chats in Facebook Groups: Goodbye Discord?

You might be dropping Discord in the near future, as Meta confirms that they are working on a community chats feature for Facebook groups. In their post about it, Meta is basically bringing Community Chats to Facebook Groups by utilizing Messenger and doing things you’d normally do in Discord: start chats and engage members in […]

Globe To Improve Its 5G Network with META AAU

Globe is bringing the next generation META AAU in the Philippines to improve its 5G network performance and energy efficiency. META AAU features an Active Antenna Unit that combines innovative hardware and software. For hardware, it introduces an Extremely Large Antenna Array (ELLA) that is double that of a conventional unit. This ELAA combines ultra-light […]

MetaverseGo Is One Step Closer: Raises $4.2M In Seed Round

A few months ago, we covered a promising new cryptocurrency platform called MetaverseGo. To sum it up, the application is a guide for beginners on how to earn through gaming, rather than having these people navigate these things themselves. It leaves room for fewer costly mistakes and an easier setup procedure leading to more playtime. […]

MetaverseGo Helps You Earn Through Crypto Games In The Philippines

At this point, you’d have to live under a rock to not have heard of games like Axie Infinity. These have turned the tables for the industry as a whole since gamers now view game commodities and assets as investments for the future, and earn from them as they play. Unfortunately, those who take an […]

Facebook Pay Rebrands to Meta Pay

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Meta has officially rebranded Facebook Pay to Meta Pay. This is the company’s “first step” in creating a digital wallet for its vision of the metaverse. Despite Facebook Pay’s name change, Zuckerberg assured the public that the rest of its offerings will remain the same. He said that […]