New Game MetaCrafters Lets You Earn Money As You Study Web3

You’ve heard of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, but what if a game paid you to learn Web3 skills that’ll allow you to design things like NFTs and blockchain tech? That’s the idea behind, a new game made by Proof of Learn, a Web3 company co-founded by tech veteran Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Kevin Yang, […] Partners with YGG for Web3 Pilot Program

With Web3 slowly making its its transition across the world, Proof of Learn announced that their first project will be collaborating with Yield Guild Games (YGG) for a pilot program that will give close to a thousand scholars access to its platform along with curriculum design from top Silicon Valley Web3 developers. is the […]

Meta Introduces Facebook Reels with Monetization Options

Meta is bringing short videos on Facebook to compete with TikTok. The new feature is called Facebook Reels and is launching today in more than 150 countries across the globe. Pretty much like TikTok, it allows users to create short videos. This one, however, can be cross-posted on Instagram and vice-versa for a much wider […]

Meta Faces Unprecedented Competition from TikTok

According to the recent quarterly report of Meta, the company has lost approximately $240 billion of market value due to daily users falling daily. This is for the first time ever. In a virtual companywide meeting, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told staff their way up again would be through videos. That’s right, the CEO has […]

Facebook Rebrands To Meta: What It Means For You

Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta, to fit with Zuckerberg’s idea for his company’s future. All this talk of the Metaverse and El Zuck’s grandiose plan to integrate a vision of the internet that’s present in Snow Crash and Ready Player One (both incidentally, being post-apocalyptic novels) don’t necessarily explain what Facebook rebrand […]

Facebook Rebrands Itself As Meta

From now on, Facebook is one of many subsidiaries under Meta, which is the official rebranding of the social media giant as revealed by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In his founder’s letter, Zuckerberg explains that the rebranding from Facebook to Meta is part of focusing on the metaverse. “The defining quality of the metaverse […]

Facebook to Possibly Change Its Name to Reflect Metaverse Vision

There’s no stopping Facebook Inc. in their plan to build the metaverse—a virtual reality version of the internet. The Verge leaked Facebook’s plan to change its name next week, so as to make the metaverse reflect on its brand. According to The Verge, CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to talk about the Facebook name change at […]

Meta.Us to Host DOTA 2 Open League in the Philippines

As part of its push to promote Esports at the grassroots level, Meta.Us announced that it will be hosting a DOTA 2 tournament in the Philippines. With JBL as their official partner, the tournament will span 6 months long and will consist of three categories: Open League, Junior League, and Senior League. The tournament is […]

ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DU Hands-On, Quick Review: Metal-Clad Upgrade

We check out the latest FX505 refresh! As part of its second-quarter 2019 refresh, ASUS recently unveiled its updated TUF Gaming FX505 laptops. But aside from the new Ryzen 7 processors and NVIDIA’s new GTX GPUs, the FX505DU looks virtually identical to the FX505DY we reviewed last month. What exactly has changed? Let’s check out […]

Glass Is Great, But I Want Metal Phones Back

Today’s phones are far more fragile than I would like Each calendar year we get a new design trend from manufacturers trying to make their phones more appealing to consumers. A year ago it was 18:9 displays, a year before that it was unibody aluminum phones, and this year its screen notches and glass backs. […]

Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) Hands-on, Quick Review: Metal Mid-ranger

We go hands-on with the 2018 refresh of the Galaxy A6+! Samsung refreshed the A6 family of devices yesterday, which now consists of two phones. One is the smaller A6 that we’ve taken a look at a few days ago, and the other being the bigger A6+. While the A6+ retains the same J-series inspired […]

Firefly Unveils Metal-Bodied, Deca-Core Powered Handsets

  Deca-Core phones for under 8K Keeping itself competitive, Firefly Mobile launched its first Deca-Core smartphones, namely the X626 and X622. Marketed as Firefly Mobile’s flagship models, both phones sport deca-core processors—most probably MediaTek’s Helio X20, Digital Lossless Audio, 5.5-inch Full HD display, Fingerprint scanner, USB-C, and an all-metal and glass construction. What’s more attractive to both […]