More Countries Covered by Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

UPDATE: The Philippines is included in the password sharing crackdown of Netflix. You can read more details about it here. Extra members are charged Php 149/month. ______________________ (Original story) Despite making the Basic and Standard plans more affordable in the Philippines, Netflix continues to expand its crackdown on password sharing to more than 100 countries that […]

Disney+ Follows Netflix, will do a Crackdown on Password Sharing

If appears that other streaming providers like the idea of Netflix in doing a crackdown on password sharing: Disney CEO Bob Iger said in the company’s earnings call on Wednesday that they are exploring ways to address password (or in his words, account) sharing. The plan is to updates its subscriber agreements by 2024, where […]

Netflix Adds 6M Subscribers Despite Password Sharing Crackdown

Despite the skepticism regarding the possible effects of doing a crackdown on password sharing, Netflix remains to be unfazed about it. In fact, Netflix reported that it gained nearly 6 million subscribers despite its move to combat password sharing. Netflix reported that they ended the second quarter of 2023 with a total of 238 million […]

Here’s How Netflix Plans to End Password Sharing

With Netflix set to end password sharing, the streaming giant shared its workaround on addressing it. With Netflix set to put an end to password sharing this year, the streaming giant will begin to charge additional users and homes. Everyone is wondering how Netflix will actually put an end to password sharing and make it work until […]

Netflix Testing Feature to Block Password Sharing Outside Household

Netflix is no stranger to testing new features to select countries, and its latest effort aims to stop password sharing outside of one’s household. While Netflix’s Standard and Premium plans are popular for featuring multiple streams and separate profiles, it explains that password sharing outside one’s household affects their “ability to invest in great new TV […]

Netflix Working On Restricting Password Sharing

Back in 2016, Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings once said that password sharing is legitimate–as long as your sharing it with your spouse, kids, or your significant other. There’s no grey line with password sharing, but it seems Netflix is working on restricting password sharing outside of one’s household. First spotted by Gammawire, select users who have […]

Disney+ vs Netflix: Which Should you Choose in 2024?

With Disney+ announcing a price hike starting this month, the prices between one of the most affordable streaming services in the Philippines will have a gap much closer to that of Netflix, arguably one of the more expensive platforms available. With that in mind, which should you get? Disney+ has announced a huge price hike, […]

Disney+ to Start Password Sharing Crackdown in June

Remember when Disney CEO Bob Iger said last August that they are “exploring ways to address password sharing?” In an interview with CNBC, Iger said that they will be implementing their measures against password sharing to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ by June. Iger did not reveal which countries will have this restriction but reiterated that […]

Netflix Imposing New Household Policy in the Philippines

As part of its widespread crackdown on password sharing in several countries including the Philippines, Netflix is rolling out its Household policy to its users, flagging those using the streaming service in a different house. One of our editors received a Netflix Household notification on their smart TV after the platform noticed that Netflix was […]

SOON: You May Have To Pay For Netflix Account Sharing

Over the course of the pandemic, more and more people looked to subscribe to streaming platforms in search of quality entertainment. It’s undeniable that the Netflix Account Sharing options posted on social media seem more lucrative because of their relative affordability to getting your own subscription. Sadly, the platform’s executives are looking to crack down […]

Netflix Cuts Prices for Basic and Standard Plans in the Philippines

With all the struggles it has been facing lately, ranging from losing subscribers to finding ways to restrict password sharing, the streaming giant has shared some good news with some of its subscribers in the Philippines: starting February 21, it will be reducing the price of its Basic and Standard Plans, making them more affordable. […]

Netflix “Add a Home” Feature is their Answer to Paid Sharing

Aside from plans to release an ad-supported tier, where it will partner with Microsoft, Netflix has reveal details about how will it address password sharing outside one’s household with a feature called “Add a Home”. Initially available in Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvarod, Guatemala, and Honduras, each Netflix account will let […]