Disney+ vs Netflix: Which Should you Choose in 2024?

With Disney+ announcing a price hike starting this month, the prices between one of the most affordable streaming services in the Philippines will have a gap much closer to that of Netflix, arguably one of the more expensive platforms available. With that in mind, which should you get? Disney+ has announced a huge price hike, […]

Converge Crushes 2023 With Fast Download Speeds, Netflix Speed Index

Despite being younger than the competition, Converge ICT has managed to do what Globe couldn’t: unseat the Philippines’s top dog from its perch in Ookla’s Speedtest. And the accolades don’t stop coming: aside from the fastest download speeds in the country, Converge also managed to bag the top of Netflix’s Speed Index, the streaming company’s […]

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender – A First Look

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is a live-action version of the popular animated series. The show follows the story of Aang, a young Avatar who must learn to control the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) to bring balance to a world that is under threat from the evil Fire Nation. Albert Kim, known […]

Netflix is Now More Expensive with Select Payment Methods

If you are a BPI user, make sure to double check your transactions, particularly foreign ones, as the bank updated on which foreign transactions are covered by the additional 1% assessment fee. In the advisory issued on February 1, BPI states that its 1% assessment fee also covers online subscription services like Netflix, Google, Apple, […]

Here’s Your First Look at Netflix’s Squid Game 2

Netflix just announced a new season of its most popular series as the streaming platform revealed that Squid Game 2 will be showing this year! The “Next On Netflix” event gave a glimpse of what’s to come, adding to the excitement. Squid Game 2 Production Details WRITER/DIRECTOR: Hwang Dong-hyuk EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Kim Ji-yeon PRODUCED BY: Firstman Studio KEY […]

Top 5 Netflix Anime – Your Recommendations!

We’re back with another list of Top 5 Netflix Anime, but this time these are YOUR suggestions! We’re proud to report that we have a very cultured reader base to recommend all of these great, entertaining, and interesting shows! Top 5 Netflix Anime – Reader Recommendations: Solo Leveling Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead […]

Top 5 Netflix KDrama Shows That You Should Watch (2024)

Kdramas have become so popular in the past few years, that streaming platforms like Netflix capitalized on them by signing licensing deals to stream some shows—or even creating their own KDrama series. There are a number of very popular ones like Squid Game and Crash Landing on You, and Netflix by itself is a treasure […]

Top 5 Netflix Anime That You Should Watch (2024)

I know, it’s early in the year and the new anime series that came out are just picking up on their episode count – so why not do a little backlog clearing and watch some of the great shows that came out on the platform last year, or are finishing up their season this year. […]

Netflix to Offer Ad-Free Episodes for Ad-Supported Tiers

Subscribers of the ad-supported tier of Netflix will soon be able to enjoy their favorite shows ad-free as long as they’re willing to binge-watch, the streaming giant announced on Wednesday (November 1). This new reward system, which is slated to come out in early 2024, works like this: an ad-supported Netflix member watches three consecutive […]

Netflix Imposing New Household Policy in the Philippines

As part of its widespread crackdown on password sharing in several countries including the Philippines, Netflix is rolling out its Household policy to its users, flagging those using the streaming service in a different house. One of our editors received a Netflix Household notification on their smart TV after the platform noticed that Netflix was […]

Disney+ Follows Netflix, will do a Crackdown on Password Sharing

If appears that other streaming providers like the idea of Netflix in doing a crackdown on password sharing: Disney CEO Bob Iger said in the company’s earnings call on Wednesday that they are exploring ways to address password (or in his words, account) sharing. The plan is to updates its subscriber agreements by 2024, where […]

Converge Recognized As Best ISP for Netflix for 2023

Converge maintains its spot as the best internet service provider (ISP) for Netflix users in 2023 based on the video streaming giant’s most recent ISP speed index report, where it tracked performance for the first half of 2023. According to the latest data from Netflix, Converge delivered the best speeds among local telcos with an […]