OnePlus 11 Adds Jupiter Rock Special Edition Colorway

OnePlus adds a new colorway to the 11 series with the Jupiter Rock. While it’s not as futuristic as the Concept version that was shown at MWC 2023, this new colorway of the OnePlus 11 is more unique than the black and green colorways that are currently being sold. As the name implies, this new […]

REDEMPTION? OnePlus 11 Barely Survives Durability Test

OnePlus had a rather unfortunate 2022 when both the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10t failed in the durability test, snapping in half. Jerryrigeverything explained that the fiasco is possibly caused by the design of their aluminum frame. Fast forward to OnePlus 11, it seems that everything is going well for the brand–BUT will they be […]

Crazy COOL: OnePlus 11 Concept Hands-On, First Impressions

We finally got the hyped OnePlus 11 Concept in our hands at the brand’s latest event. It’s a souped-up version of the base OP11, which is already an amazing smartphone by itself. This one borrows some themes from high-end gaming PCs and makes it available for hardcore users. This doesn’t just look the part – […]

OnePlus 11 Now in the Philippines with Php 46k Starting Price

No need to settle for a grey market OnePlus 11 and go through region lock issues, as the latest OnePlus flagship is officially available in the Philippines. To recap, the OnePlus 11 brings back the much-loved alert slider that went missing with the OnePlus 10T and has a flagship-tier 6.7-inch curved AMOLED display that has […]

Like Nothing? OnePlus 11 Concept Teaser Highlights “Flowing Back”

OnePlus will also have a presence at MWC 2023 with the reveal of their OnePlus 11 Concept phone. Initially teased during the global launch, More details about the OnePlus 11 Concept were revealed ahead of its unveiling, and the highlight appears to be the “Flowing Back”. The “Flowing Back” comprises of icy blue pipelines that […]

You Should NOT Buy a Grey Market OnePlus 11. Here’s Why

(UPDATE: With details on how to remove the region lock if you have a China OnePlus 11 in the Philippines.) The OnePlus 11 is getting praise lately as it marks the brand returning to its flagship killer roots. While it has become official globally a few days ago, the OnePlus 11 actually launched first in […]

OnePlus 11 Review Philippines: Value-packed

Spoiler alert: the OnePlus 11 is a very good phone. While it’s not going to be a “flagship killer” in the traditional sense, it’s a phone that brings a lot of flagship performance and features at a price point that’s significantly less than what its rivals like Samsung and Huawei are offering. This year’s OnePlus […]

OnePlus 11 Now Global, Features Stainless Steel Camera Module

The OnePlus 11 finally goes global, with emphasis on upgrades that include a stainless steel body and next-gen cameras. A month after being unveiled in China, the OnePlus 11 is now official in the global stage. Unveiled at OnePlus’ event in India, the global OnePlus 11 is similar to the one announced in China, with […]

OnePlus 11R loses the Hasselblad branding, and is More Exclusive

There’s another OnePlus 11 coming soon with the OnePlus 11R (aka Ace 2)–but it will only be exclusive to India and China. With the OnePlus 11 expected to debut globally on February 7, there’s another variant that’s also coming as well–but only in India and China (as the OnePlus Ace 2) for now. Called the […]

The OnePlus 11 Is Here, But Only In China For Now

The OnePlus 11 is here! Kind of – the company has taken the wraps off of its latest flagship model in China. That means interested buyers will have to wait quite a bit before they’ll be able to buy the newest iteration of the company’s flagship. The OnePlus 11 marks the return of the alert […]

The OnePlus 11 Might Make the Brand Cool Again

In a nutshell: After being underwhelming with the 10 series, OnePlus is hyping up the 11 in efforts to make the brand cool again. Ever since it merged with OPPO, OnePlus’ uniqueness has been diluted and lost its cool kid vibes. It does not help that the 10 Pro and 10T were embroiled in controversy […]

OnePlus to Drop “Pro” Branding Starting with 11 Series

In its usual context, the “Pro” label in any gadget indicates maximum specifications or a top-of-the-line model. For OnePlus, there is no more need for a “Pro” variant. According to reports, OnePlus is planning to drop the “Pro” from its next flagship series, hence its upcoming top-variant phone will be called just OnePlus 11. Moreover, […]