Sony Confirms Holiday 2020 Launch Date for the PlayStation 5

Time to save up! After PlayStation architect Mark Cerny revealed a few details about the upcoming Playstation 5 last April, Sony has confirmed in a post that the next-generation PlayStation will be available by Holiday 2020. Aside from the confirmed launch date, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 will have an all-new controller that will […]

Playstation Architect Mark Cerny Reveals Details on the PlayStation 5

The next-gen console will pack serious power As everyone is waiting for the PlayStation 4’s successor, PlayStation architect Mark Cerny spoke with Wired to reveal details about the PlayStation 5. In the exclusive interview, Cerny revealed that the upcoming console will be powered by an AMD chip that is based on Ryzen’s third generation line, […]

The PlayStation Portal will Let You Stream Your PS5 Games

After announcing Project Q as a “companion to your PlayStation 5“, Sony has officially revealed it as the PlayStation Portal, which is a handheld device that lets you stream all your PlayStation 5 games via WiFi through an 8-inch LCD display at 1080p resolution, 60FPS. Sony said that the PlayStation Portal will be available later […]

Sony Reveals The PlayStation VR 2 For PS5

As we step into 2022, Virtual Reality technology is starting to penetrate the mainstream. Whether it be for entertainment, social purposes (Metaverse, anyone?), or other purposes, VR headsets are finding themselves in more and more households. Sony isn’t about to be left behind as they announce a successor to their first headset almost 6 years […]

Datablitz Starts Selling New Sony PlayStation 4 Slim, Prices Start At Php 16,995

Wondering when Sony’s new refreshed, slimmer, PlayStation 4 will drop? Wonder no more – DataBlitz has announced that they are now selling the slimmer model of Sony’s best-selling console in their stores. Two models will be sold by DataBlitz – the CUH-2006A B01 that has a 500GB HDD, and the roomier CUH-2006B B01 that has […]

SteelSeries Brings Arctis Nova 5 Headset to the Philippines

SteelSeries expands its line of gaming headsets in the Philippines with the arrival of the Arctis Nova 5, which is accompanied by the Nova 5 Companion app. The latter gives players access to over 100 audio presets, along with quick switching between a 2.4Ghz connection or Bluetooth 5.3 connection, and a battery life of over […]

Daily Tech Drivers: TV5’s Nikki de Guzman

While news anchors appear to be always serious on camera, they usually have a colorful personality off camera. Take Nikki De Guzman for example: beyond being a news anchor for TV5, she is an avid video game fan who loves titles like God of War and The Witcher, and iconic book series like Game of Thrones and Lord […]

PSP Comeback? Sony Reportedly Working on New PlayStation Handheld

It has been a while since the PlayStation Vita tried to replicate the success of the PlayStation Portable–but failed to live up to the hype, and eventually being phased out in 2019. Since then, portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch has seen a considerable success—even ASUS wants to dip its toes into the handeld gaming […]

Sony PS5 Pro And Slim Variants Are Coming Soon

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 console being on sale for awhile now, we still know a lot of people who’ve held back on buying one due to the impossibility of securing one at SRP. It makes sense since game consoles aren’t on the highest order of priority – especially during the pandemic chip shortage. However, prices […]

Six Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Gamers (Under PHP 5K)

It’s the Christmas season once again, which only means one thing: it’s the time of giving. However, not all of us may be so sure what to give our friends or significant others who love to play video games. Here are our recommendations on holiday gifts for gamers under the PHP 5K bracket. Receiving any […]

Acer Global Merchandise Now Sole Official Distributor of PlayStation in the Philippines

In case you plan to buy a PlayStation 5 anytime soon in the Philippines, here’s an update: recently, Acer Global Merchandise announced that they will be the sole distributor partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore in the Philippines. What does this mean? Essentially, Acer Global Merchandise is in charge of distributing PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, […]

Sony Was Just Sued PHP 336B For Overcharging On PlayStation Store

Sony might be in big trouble as it faces a lawsuit, mentioning that the Sony PlayStation Store has constantly overcharged customers through its system practices. We’ll do our best to break it down in layman’s terms to keep things simple. For those out of the loop, the Sony PlayStation Store is the online library containing […]