The PlayStation 5 Gets A Massive Price Cut This Christmas

Looking for the best time to buy a PlayStation 5 AND not worry about paying for resell? Sony has good news for you this Christmas, as the PlayStation 5 is getting hefty discounts from December 18 to 31.  The promo is part of Sony’s Incredible Deals campaign for Southeast Asia. Looking through the regional deals, […]

The New PlayStation 5: Everything You Should Know

After much speculation, Sony has finally revealed two new models of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console. The company is hoping to address the evolving needs of players with updated versions of the base PS5 sporting a larger 1TB SSD. Sony emphasized the new base PS5’s physical changes, specifically the claimed 30% reduction in volume […]

The PlayStation Portal will Let You Stream Your PS5 Games

After announcing Project Q as a “companion to your PlayStation 5“, Sony has officially revealed it as the PlayStation Portal, which is a handheld device that lets you stream all your PlayStation 5 games via WiFi through an 8-inch LCD display at 1080p resolution, 60FPS. Sony said that the PlayStation Portal will be available later […]

The Sony Project Q is a Companion for Your PlayStation 5

Following reports that Sony will be announcing a PlayStation handheld of sorts, Sony has made the announcement official with Project Q at its PlayStation Showcase. “We will launch a dedicated device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi,” Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said. Confirming […]

PSP Comeback? Sony Reportedly Working on New PlayStation Handheld

It has been a while since the PlayStation Vita tried to replicate the success of the PlayStation Portable–but failed to live up to the hype, and eventually being phased out in 2019. Since then, portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch has seen a considerable success—even ASUS wants to dip its toes into the handeld gaming […]

Sony assures Adequate Supply of PlayStation 5 Units this 2023

Sony happily reports that the supply of PlayStation 5 units are stable this 2023. After experiencing supply issues for the past 2 years, Sony is happy to report that they have addressed this problem with the PlayStation 5 and that those planning to get one should have an easier time this 2023. “To all our […]

Acer Global Merchandise Now Sole Official Distributor of PlayStation in the Philippines

In case you plan to buy a PlayStation 5 anytime soon in the Philippines, here’s an update: recently, Acer Global Merchandise announced that they will be the sole distributor partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore in the Philippines. What does this mean? Essentially, Acer Global Merchandise is in charge of distributing PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, […]

Sony Was Just Sued PHP 336B For Overcharging On PlayStation Store

Sony might be in big trouble as it faces a lawsuit, mentioning that the Sony PlayStation Store has constantly overcharged customers through its system practices. We’ll do our best to break it down in layman’s terms to keep things simple. For those out of the loop, the Sony PlayStation Store is the online library containing […]

PlayStation Releases A Backbone One iPhone Gaming Controller

Mobile gaming is eons past what it was just a few years ago. Competitive leagues and professional careers (whether competitive, casual streaming, or both) have emerged around this billion-dollar industry, with portable devices gaining the capability to run triple-A titles. As a result, the market for mobile gaming peripherals has also grown enormously. PlayStation wants […]

New PlayStation Plus System Gives These Games Away For Free (2022)

The PlayStation Plus membership has always been a great way to get free games, even until 2022. Well if you’re not in the loop, it’s getting a massive revamp. We’ve broken down the specifics in this article. In summary, it is a tiered system aimed at different price points. The ranks are Essential, Extra, and […]

PlayStation Plus Program Gets Massive Rework: Backwards Compatibility!

For those who have been in the PlayStation ecosystem for very long, you’re probably familiar with how the multiplayer experience has evolved over the years. We had free online play back with the PS3, while a move to the PS4 required a PlayStation Plus subscription to play on the internet with your friends. Players were […]

Call Of Duty Will Remain On PlayStation Despite Microsoft Acquisition

One of the biggest news that rocked the gaming world recently is Microsoft’s $68.7-billion acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. The latter is a name that resounds with many gamers’ hearts as they have developed countless classics over the years. As expected, many Call of Duty players on PlayStation were worried that they were no longer going to […]