Affordable Flagship Smartphone Showdown: LG G6 vs. Nokia 8 vs. Huawei P10

Great flagship phones don’t have to be uber expensive   The Nokia brand’s comeback to the smartphone market via license holder HMD Oy has to be one of the biggest tech stories this year. Under the brand, HMD Oy released several solid entry level and mid-range phones to the Philippines a few months ago, and now […]

How Good Is The Camera of the Huawei P10 Plus?

Does it live up to the photography hype? We have been talking about the image quality of the P10 Plus here in Unbox. Sporting Leica boss level dual rear cameras, the P10 Plus is definitely optimized for photography. Even with the influx of flagship devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, LG’s V30, and Apple’s iPhone […]

The Premium Flagship Faceoff: LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Huawei P10+ vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Who is the real premium flagship smartphone king? As Samsung officially took off the wraps off of their Galaxy Note 8, we thought of pitting Samsung’s latest flagship against the current flagships in the market. How does the Note 8 fare with other premium flagships like LG’s Q6, Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium, and Huawei’s P10+? Does […]

Revisiting the Huawei P10 Plus: Still Shoots Leica Boss?

One of the Best Mobile Shooters Around Huawei introduced its current flagship devices, the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. While we were getting familiar hardware and the same lenses with Leica’s stamp of approval on the P10, it was the P10 Plus that had the second-generation Summilux Leica […]

The Huawei P10 Plus Trounces the iPhone 7 Plus in Our Blind Camera Test

The People Have Spoken Yet Again! After getting the W against Samsung’s latest and greatest in a previous poll, the Huawei P10 Plus gets another win and this time it’s against Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. While the blind camera comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Huawei P 10 Plus was pretty close, this […]

Blind Camera Comparo: Huawei P10 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus

Time to Cast Your Votes Once Again! Last week, we started a poll to see which phone took better photographs, the Huawei P10 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S8+. You guys have spoken and majority of you thought that the Leica approved cameras on the P10 Plus churned out better snaps; winning 57-percent of the […]

Blind Camera Comparo: Huawei P10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+

Which one do you think is best? Today we’ll be doing another blind camera test for you guys, concentrating on the Huawei P10 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8+. While we’ve already done a blind camera test of the current crop of flagships available in the market before, we’re doing another one with the two […]

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Now Available Via Globe

Some ridiculously cheap plans here Looking to score Huawei’s P10 or P10 Plus for cheap? Cheaper than the stated SRP? Yup – Globe posted their plans for the P10 and P10 Plus, and the value is pretty ridiculous. Huawei P10 specs HiSilicon Kirin 960 octa-core processor 4GB of RAM 5.1-inch full HD display, 1920 x […]

Huawei P10 Plus: The Upgrade You Deserve

We review the Huawei P10 Plus! A few weeks ago we reviewed Huawei’s smaller P10 flagship. While Huawei managed to build a solid phone that’s way more affordable than the offerings of their competitors, a derivative design and incremental camera improvements meant that the P10 was suited for people who haven’t jumped on the dual-camera […]

Huawei P10 Review: Iterative Evolution

  It’s not drastically different from last year’s phone, but iteration pays off While Chinese company Huawei isn’t new to the dual-camera scene (they were one of the first pioneers in using dual-camera tech in their budget Honor 6 Plus) the company really started banking on the trend when they released the P9 last year. […]

Head-to-Head: Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Huawei P10

How does Samsung’s new hotness compare to Huawei’s dual-Leica shooting flagship? Today, Samsung has unveiled their new flagship, the Galaxy S8, to the world. We’ve already given you our take on the phone’s features, specs and that awesome, gigantic display in our initial review here, but many of you are probably thinking how the flagship […]

Head-to-Head: Huawei P10 Lite vs Huawei GR5 2017

The Battle of Huawei’s Mid-Ranged Devices Now that Huawei has finally made the more affordable, mid-ranged version of their flagship device — the Huawei P10 Lite — official, one has to wonder which of the two devices they offer within the same price point should you choose to purchase? Should you wait it out for […]