John Nieves and Richmond Tan

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: As Good As Other 2016 Flagships At More Than Half Of The Price

We review Xiaomi’s latest flagship Chinese company Xiaomi has gone almost two years without a successor to their Mi 4. Sure, there was the Mi 4i, but that was more of a stop-gap measure for international markets than a true successor. The new flagship has finally come, in the form of the Mi 5. Announced […]

Xiaomi MiPad 2 Review: Welcome Windows 10

We review the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows edition! Xiaomi announced the successor device to their highly popular Mi Pad tablet last year, and we gave you our take on the Android-powered tablet as soon as it was available overseas. Unfortunately, it’s only now that Xiaomi has released the Windows 10 powered variant of the […]

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Review: Xiaomi’s Comeback Device?

We review the Redmi 3! While Xiaomi managed to win the hearts of budget-minded techies back in 2014 because of their high-spec, low-price, online-only sales model, things aren’t looking good for the Chinese brand in 2016. Overtaken domestically by rival Huawei, Xiaomi needed a new smartphone to turn the tide in their favor. That’s where […]

Xiaomi 20000mAh Mi Power Bank Review: More mAh Than You Know What To Do With

We review the 20000mAh power bank! Powerbanks are essential accessories now, especially if you’re the type of person that’s on the phone a lot. Xiaomi’s one of the more well-known brands that produces power banks, and up until a few weeks ago their biggest capacity power bank was their 16000mAh offering. No more. Today we’ll […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Review: A Worthy Successor

We review the Mi Pad 2! Along with the Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi also introduced a refreshed version of their Mi Pad, the Mi Pad 2, back in November. As with the Redmi Note 3, the Mi Pad 2 represented a shift in terms of design, shifting to an aluminum body instead of the traditional […]

Xiaomi Mi 4c Review: Playing Favorites?

We review Xiaomi’s Mi 4c Xiaomi touted their Mi 4i as their first, truly global flagship made for international markets. It managed to create interest, but not enough to truly satisfy power-hungry users lusting for more. Since then, Xiaomi has developed a beefed up version of the Mi 4i dubbed simply the Mi 4c for […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Review: Xiaomi Goes Beastmode

We review Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2! When Xiaomi entered the international scene a few years ago, the company made a name for itself for offering high-spec products at almost unbelievable prices. This endeared the new company to legions of Android fans looking for awesome bang-for-the-buck devices for not much money though the past few months have […]

Here Are The Real Ratings Of Xiaomi’s Powerbanks

How much mAh are you really getting? When you talk about powerbanks, Xiaomi’s offerings are usually the products that get mentioned the most. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re stylish and affordable, and are the de facto standard that most other powerbanks are measured against. And just like their burgeoning line of smartphones, Xiaomi’s powerbank offerings […]

Xiaomi Lightning Cable: Almost As Good As Apple’s

We check out Xiaomi’s Lightning Cable Lighting cables. It’s one of the biggest hassles to owning an iPhone. While the rest of Apple’s stuff are marvelously engineered pieces of metal, glass and plastic that were designed by the best engineers in the world, the cables that charge and power them are fragile, expensive pieces of […]

Xiaomi Moves Offline: Will This Mean More Or Less Sales?

Did they make the right decision? Xiaomi has always stated they were an e-commerce company first and phone manufacturer second when Unbox talked to their VP of Global, Hugo Barra. But the times, they are a changin’ – back in May the company announced that they would be moving to offline sales in India, a move […]