The DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI Is One Of The Best Broadband Deals Right Now

The DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI Is One Of The Best Broadband Deals Right Now

Fast, reliable, unlimited internet is as important to today’s homes as electricity and water, but getting broadband internet still isn’t as easy as it’s supposed to be. Cumbersome application processes, line allocation, and limited ports in certain areas make it difficult, if not impossible, for some to get unlimited home broadband. That’s where DITO and their Home UNLI 5G WIFI come in.

What’s great about the postpaid DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI is that the application and release process is extremely easy. You simply have to fill up this form, get your proof of identification ready (for me it was simply my driver’s license) and 1 proof of billing, and pay the initial 1-month service fee upfront charge. What’s nice about getting a postpaid DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI now is that they’re slashing their monthly service charge to just Php 745 a month from the regular Php 1,490 a month for 6 months, meaning you’re saving quite a lot of money when you got with them now. You better act fast though, as the offer will only run from July 8 to October 6 of this year.

Anyway, once you’re all paid up, DITO will send you over all you need to get your home broadband service going, and conveniently it’s all contained in a single box. Setup couldn’t be easier – you simply take out the router from the box, place it on a shelf or a table inside your home, and plug it in. Our home router came pre-configured already, so there’s no need to configure APNs or any other settings that you might get wrong. Our setup time from start to finish was barely 5 minutes – it took us longer to decide where to place the router.

As for the actual modem itself, it has 4 LAN ports and an additional port to plug in a separate router if you need it, though from our experience it’s a good device on its own. It has WIFI 6 capability, which means it can handle a lot more connections at once versus your standard WIFI 5 router, which is important in a modern home where there could be upwards of 6 or 7 WiFi-enabled devices connecting to the router at the same time.

Let’s talk speeds – DITO advertises up to 500Mbps speeds for their Home UNLI 5G WIFI Postpaid plan. We got speeds of around 314Mbps down and 36.7Mbps up. While our results don’t hit the 500 Mbps number, you have to take note that that number is up to 500 Mbps, not 500 Mbps exactly. It bears mentioning that all 5G broadband providers use the same metric.

It’s also important to note that the speeds provided by DITO via this 5G modem are consistently faster than what the other two providers could give at our location. DITO is promising that their Home 5G WiFi service is available in 506 barangays across NCRF and 51 barangays in Cebu, though we suggest that you check with the DITO office nearest you to see if your home/area is covered. Better yet, just buy a prepaid DITO SIM and test out the speeds on your phone to gauge the speeds you’re going to get.

We tested out the DITO Home UNLI 5G WiFi at our Unbox GH Studio location in Promenade, Greenhills, and we’re very pleased with the results. Those results have been consistent too, no matter the time of day, and we’re averaging around 314-300 Mbps. Those speeds are fast enough that we had no trouble downloading large game files for benchmark tests for our upcoming gaming laptop reviews, something we couldn’t do with our existing wired connection. For a regular home or office setting, those speeds are going to be enough to ensure maximum productivity and entertainment, either through online gaming or streaming demanding 4K content. Speaking of 4K content, DITO is bundling a free 30-day Amazon Prime Video subscription with every plan.

Since this is a postpaid plan, you have unlimited internet, so you won’t have to worry about getting throttled when you’re downloading huge files. And for customers who might experience a slowdown at times, this means that the system is being refreshed and upgraded as DITO tries to continue to improve its service so subscribers can enjoy unlimited 5G speed internet connection at a fair price.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll be happy with what DITO offers with their DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI. As long as you can get a signal from DITO, chances are you’ll be able to enjoy the same speeds as we’re currently enjoying at our studio. It’s fast, it’s affordable, and the setup is so simple that even a child can do it. If you’ve been having trouble trying to get a wired connection to your home or office like we did for the longest time, then you should at least check out what DITO is offering.



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  • Sajid Primo , October 7, 2023

    It’s unreliable, don’t confuse people with misnformation regarding reliability. Dito is not available nationwide,

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