MiLi Power Prince Review

MiLi Power Prince Review

The MiLi Power Prince

Review: MiLi Power Prince

MiLi has grown to be a respected and trusted brand here in the Philippines. In fact most of the top Apple resellers and gadget shops already carry their products. Unlike other mobile charger brands, Mili has a variety of products with different designs and price points. This strategy broadens their market which is probably one of the biggest factors for their success.

We currently have with us a demo unit of the MiLi Power Prince. It’s a compact and heavy duty mobile charger that’s meant for people who have multiple devices that need charging while on the go. I personally call it the “blogger’s best friend”. It packs so much juice without consuming too much space in my bag and it can pretty much power anything!

Read on for our review!

The Power Prince comes in your usual printed carton box. If you open it and pull the plastic tray out you’ll find the Power Prince, several cables, the various charging tips, a black carrying pouch and several manuals and cards.

We initially thought that the actual battery pack would be huge because of the big box but that’s not actually the case. The Power Prince is roughly the size of an external hard drive or a full sized mouse. Here’s a side-by-side photo with my Razer StarCraft II Mouse:

This size makes it easy to slip the Power Prince in your everyday work bags, shoulder bags, or messenger bags.

Despite the form and size, the Power Prince actually packs a lot of juice! It has 5,000mAh which is good enough to charge a mobile device three times over (or a tablet once). Note that if you have mobile devices you can actually charge up to two of them at the same time with the Power Prince due to the dual charging ports.

Different tips for various devices!
Black carrying pouch! Yay.

A Blogger’s Best Friend

We decided to put this device through the paces since we had several events lined up last week. Like what I said earlier this is literally a blogger’s best friend! Both my Smart Rocket WiFi Plus and iPad ran out of battery in the middle of a press launch. It gave both my devices “life” and I was able to do live tweets, Facebook updates, and even do the blog entry on my MacBook Pro because of the Power Prince.

By the way on the way home it still had some juice left so I charged my FiiO E17 Alpen while I was on my way home in the car, hehe.

Pricing and Availability

Almost all of the top gadget stores and Appler Resellers have this on stock. SRP is Php4,800. You can also order online via their Multiply Page.

Two thumbs up for the Power Prince! Reliable, looks sleek, and can occasionally save you from a lot of stress. 😛



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