Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+ Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+ Review

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+ Review

Despite the local launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 there are only a few accessories for it being offered by gadget shops. For the last few weeks the only accessories available were the Extra Battery Charger Kit, S Pen Holder, and the Titanium Gray and Pearl White Flip Covers. Unfortunately the Flip Covers aren’t really that good since they tend to get dirty fast so you’ll end up exerting more effort cleaning them than your handset, lol. The good news though is that the official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+ is already being sold here in the Philippines. This is a great alternative to Otterbox and other safety-first type cases. Read on for our full review!

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Most Secure Case Offered by Samsung for Your Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 Protective Cover+ is a back case that completely shields that back and sides of the Galaxy Note 2. The back plate of the case is made from some hard plastic material while the sides are made from some sort of durable rubber material. The rubber material completely protects the sides (the metal band) of the Note 2. This is the part of the device that scratches easily so it’s critical that the case you get for your Note 2 protects it. The sides also overextends slightly beyond the display from the sides which makes sure that the screen is safe just in case it falls to the ground.

There are cut-outs for all the important ports and rubber covers for the buttons. The S Pen holder is also accessible with the case on.

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Unavoidably Adds Some Bulk to the Note 2

Side view

Unfortunately the case will add some ruggedness, bulk, and weight to your Galaxy Note 2. It’s a small price to pay though to make sure that your device will be kept in pristine condition so that you can still sell it at a good price when you want to upgrade to a different handset later on. 🙂

Pricing and Availability

Price range right now in Greenhills is Php1,000-Php1,200. I have no idea what the real SRP is. It’s probably around Php800-Php1,000. It comes in different colors as well. We saw black and white cases but I heard that there are other colors coming soon.



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